SpringBuilder gives you a unique opportunity to create ready-made Sportsbook pages. This process will take only a couple of minutes.

Before going deeper into this step by step guide, we recommend watching this short explainer video to learn about how easy it is to create a Sportsbook webpage using SpringBuilder.

SpringBuilder has two options: Live and Prematch. To get these pages, head over to the Pages app in the Dashboard, click plus and choose Live or/and Prematch Sportsbook.

You will get the default layout for the Sportsbook page with different sections: Sports List, Search, Live match and Betslip. You can reposition each of the elements, change the alignment, adjust the sizes and not only.

You can also find all those elements in the Left Panel, so in case you need one of them, you can easily drag and drop them to the Crafting Area. 

All these apply to the Prematch Sportsbook page equally. 

You can work on the coloring of each Page type (Live & Prematch) which will add your business style to the pages. Hit the three dots to go to the Block Settings, choose ‘Edit styles’ and create your color palette. 

There are two categories for colors: Background and Text. Note that these color rules apply throughout your whole website.

You are offered a wide variety of choice for your Sportsbook coloring as it is shown in the images below:

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to add a background image for the whole block. All you need to do is choose the block you want and hit the three dots to go to Block Settings. 

Here change the opacity and make it a background cover, which will change your Sportsbook layout to cover and all the columns will generate their own scroll. 

You can add the desired Video as a Block Background as well. Move to Block Background section> Video Background and paste your link into the appropriate field.  

We're done!

For more information about pages, check out the Pages app article. Also, read about other Page Types here for more insight on SpringBuilder.

Have an idea, a bug or a feature request? Send them directly to the SpringBuilder team via Chat.

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