As there are dozens of games in SpringBuilder Casino, you may need to classify them into categories. SpringBuilder grants this opportunity, it will take a minute from you to make your Casino easily manageable.

You need to drag and drop 'Casino Categories' element from the Left Panel into the Crafting Area. *Please note that if you create a Casino page type, you will automatically get the layout including Casino Categories element.

You can edit the Casino Games Categories by clicking on it and pushing ‘Edit Categories’. You have a diversity of options to set. Let's start with the settings.

Are you ready to customize the element? Great, then start with the layout: vertical or horizontal.
In the General Settings you can stretch categories, set paddings and border proportions, determine to show dividers between categories and permanent arrows. 

Up next, customize font-related settings in the Fonts tab. Here comes size, weigh Title Type, Title font family, Letter spacing. By the way, you can turn off titles by switching off Show Titles option. Easy as that!

Do you want to have icons per category? Then check Icon Settings. First, turn on the Show Icons option and go ahead choosing the alignment, size and distance of them.

And also consider changing the ordering of Casino games categories. To do so, go to Ordering tab and move up/down the categories.
Here you can also check/uncheck any category in the list in case you want to publish/unpublish one. Do not forget to click 'Save' after making changes.

Let's pass into the styling of the element. Just click on it and hit 'Edit Categories Styles'.

We've covered colors for each component when it comes to styles: Main colors, Category Hover Colors, Selected Category Colors and Arrow Colors. Use our color picker to adjust the colors of the element accordingly.

Once you are done with the previous points, it's time to set the alignment of the element. Just click 'Vertical Alignment' from the panel and select the desired element position.

Mind the Location and Device visibility as well. Include or exclude specific cities or countries or set the appropriate Custom IP. 

To delete the element, click ‘Remove Button’.

Check the Gaming Elements in case you need help with other relevant issues concerning SpringBuilder.

Have questions? Always remember we're just a step away so hit the Chat in the lower right corner and our Support Team will be glad to assist you!

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