Have you checked the list of our casino games? Yes, there are a bunch of them. Apparently, each of us would have our favorite ones. In SpringBuilder Casino page, you are offered to pick favorite games as you add 'Casino Favorites' element to your casino page.

In the Elements of the Left Panel, find the 'Casino Favorites' and just drag and drop it into the Crafting Area.

You can edit the 'Casino Search' element's settings by clicking on it and pushing ‘Edit Button’

You'll notice a new window appear with a list of button settings ready to be changed. You can pick any icon for the Favorite element which will be shown in the webpage: just type the needed keyword and you will get a number of options from our database of 200K icons. You can also edit the Favorite Icon Size by moving the pointer left or right.

Also, you can choose the Aspect Ratio from the list and set Border Radius of the games in the search window. In addition, we offer a couple of animations. 

Change the Title Font Size and the Title Alignment into left, center or right. Don't forget to click 'Save' to go ahead. 

Please note that these changes will be visible in the Public mode!

Now it's time to work on the styling of the element. For that purpose, click on the icon and hit 'Edit Casino Games Styles'. You are given a variety of choices for the coloring of the 'Casino Search'.

You can change the alignment of the element. To align the 'Casino Search' element horizontally just click on the element and drag it to left or right. If you want to align the element vertically, click on the element and from the 'Vertical Alignments' option choose Top, Center or Bottom.

Mind the Location visibility as well. Include or exclude specific cities or countries or set the appropriate Custom IP.

Don't need the element anymore? Click ‘Delete’ to remove it.

Now let's move to the Public mode. First of all, you need to Sign Up; or Sign In, if you already have an account. 

When you hover over the games, in the upper right part you will notice a heart-shaped button. Just click on it to make the game your favorite one. 

If you want to see all your favorite games, hit the Casino Favorite button in the Public mode and check out your list!

That's it! Check out the rest of the elements out there in the Gaming Elements section for more insight.
Don't hesitate to contact us in case of any questions via Chat box in the lower right corner and we'll be glad to help you out in case you've got lost in the world of games.

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