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How to add and edit Casino Search element on your website?

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As you create a Casino page type in your website, there are several elements available that will ease your work with casino games and categories. One of them is the Casino Search element available in the Left Panel.

Add the element to the Casino page in no time by just dragging and dropping it into the Crafting Area.

Clicking on the element, you can see several options for customizing it to your needs. Let's elaborate on each of them.

Edit Categories

This allows searches in any section. Just select/deselect the necessary one from the default menu and you are done!

Edit Settings

You can edit the Casino Search element settings by clicking on it and pushing the Edit Settings button. Please note that these settings apply in the Public mode.

You'll notice a new window with a list of button settings ready to be changed. You can pick any icon for the Search element which will be shown on the webpage: just type the needed keyword and you will get a number of options from our database of 1 million icons. You can also edit the Icon Size by moving the pixel pointer.

Choose the Aspect Ratio from the list and set Border Radius of the games in the search window.

Enable the option to Show Game Title in the search results with the corresponding switcher. Determine Border Radius for both Search Bar and Fields, Search Bar Height and Width with pixel-based scroller.

Get to choose the Search Type of the element: Text box or Popup. See the Text box type in the image below.

While the Popup type lets your players search for preferred games in a popup window.

!Note: Players can filter searching casino games by categories and providers.

Change the Game Title Font Size, Font Weight and Font Family according to your preference.

The next step is choosing the button style for Play Now and Practice actions and set the Distance between these buttons from the list of already created buttons via UI Kit.

You can also customize the same settings for the mobile view by activating Mobile Custom Settings.

If you want to see the settings in action, go to the Public mode and click on the element.

Edit Styles

Back in the Edit mode, you can work on the styling of the element. For that purpose, click on the icon and hit Edit Casino Games Styles

You are given a variety of choices for the coloring of Casino Search element: 

  • Search Field Colors (for Text box search type)

  • Popup Colors (for Popup search type)

  • Game Colors (for games in the search results)


To change the alignment settings of the element, click on the Alignment icon. You’ll have three options available: top, center, and bottom.


Device Visibility enables certain Blocks and Elements to appear either on: All devices, Desktop Only, Mobile Only or Tablet Only. Select Visibility Settings and choose the desired option from the drop down menu to get full control over the Elements Visibility on your pages. 

Location Visibility allows you to select Matching in order to include or exclude the Location Handling options of: a specific country, city, or Custom IP. 

Session Visibility allows you to set the visibility of certain Blocks and Elements to: the public, logged in users only, or logged out users only. 

Located next to the Visibility Settings is Schedule Visibility. This allows you to Show or Hide Visibility and select the Type: Ongoing, Scheduled, or Recurring.

If you don't need the Element anymore, click on the Trash icon to remove it from your page.

Don't waste your time and make the most out of this great element to find casino games without any effort!

Check out the rest of the elements out there in the Gaming Elements section.

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