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How to Set Up Your Online Casino

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Your online casino is one of the most important things on your betting and gaming website. Make sure your online casino functions properly through the all-encompassing Casino app!

You can set up all of your casino games and their properties in one place. To start, go to your Dashboard and click the Casino app.

There are four tabs in this section: Games, Categories, Types, and Providers. Let's begin to elaborate on each of them.

The Games Tab

Select the game you want to edit by clicking on the three dots under each game. You can see the list in the Grid and List view.

!Note: One game can appear twice: one for desktop and the other for mobile.

One game can be included in multiple categories, so keep this in mind when using the Choose Category menu. You can also mark a category as a favorite in this menu.

To upload the main image and background image, go to Edit Menu > Game Info. You can also write a description for each image here and determine game placement and categorical ordering.

Social & SEO settings help you boost the rankings of games in search engines, so make sure to provide information for each field. Set your game’s page title, alias, and meta description. Also, add social images and sharing buttons for the game to perform better on the web.

No longer want a game appearing on your site? Just click the Unpublish/Publish button and you're all set!

The Categories Tab

Under the Categories tab, you can edit the titles, aliases, and descriptions of each category. To add icons to each Category: click the three dots on the right side to edit the Category Settings. You'll then be able to edit the icon settings. The icon will be visible in the categories list on the Casino page. Make sure to add title, alias, and description in the Category Info settings.

You can easily create a new category by clicking on the green Create New Category button on the right side. You can choose your icon from the many sets offered.

The Types Tab

You can edit the settings of the All, New, and Top game types. Click the three dots located on the right side of each bar to edit. You can edit the icon styles, click on the toggle to apply to all types, and select your preferred new icon.

!Note: Games appear in the Types depending on the backend data.

The Providers Tab

Easily publish/unpublish each provider that you have activated for your SpringBuilder website. To unpublish a game, click on the green button changing the color to red. You can also change the ordering of providers by simply dragging and dropping them till you see a green line.

For any further questions or concerns, you may have, please visit the SpringBuilder Help Center for more information. 

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