One of the key features of SpringBuilder is our Casino app. You'll find all the information needed in this article. Let's get started to make sure that everything's easy for you and your users!

This app allows you to set up all your casino games and categories in one place. Head over to the Casino app in the Dashboard first. 

Here we have 4 tabs here: Games, Categories, Types and Providers. Let's go into details for each tab.

In the Games tab, select the game you want to edit by clicking on the three dots under each game. You can see the list in the Grid and List view.

Note that one game can refer to multiple categories at the same time, just pick them in the Choose Category menu. You can also mark a category as favorite in this menu:

In the Edit menu -> Game Info upload main image, background image and write description for each one.  You can also determine the place of the game in the ordering specifying the number in the corresponding field.

Social & SEO menu will help you boost the rankings of games in the search engines, so take your time to provide information for each field. Set your game’s page title, alias, meta description. Also, add social image and sharing buttons for the game to perform better on the web.

Don't want a game in your website? Just click Unpublish/Publish and all's set!

Let’s pass to the Categories. Here you can edit the titles, alias, and descriptions of each category. You can add icons to each of them, which will be visible in the categories list in the Casino page. Hit the three dots and click Edit.

Don't forget to create a new category if needed. We offer sets of icon styles and a bunch of icons to choose from. 

These style settings are available in the Types tab as well. 

Publishing/Unpublishing a provider is a matter of one click in the Providers tab in our Casino App. 

Make the most out of SpringBuilder Gaming elements as well! Stay tuned to be aware of new features!

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