As you are about to run a gaming and betting website, it is essential to have a registration and a login form for your players. 

This element has got 2 modes: Logged out & Logged in.

Now let's go through the Logged out mode and see what we can edit at this point. For that purpose add the 'User Account' element to the Crafting Area.

It will bring two similar buttons for registration and login but you can edit each of them separately.

To edit the User account settings, click the element and push the 'Settings' button. You'll notice a new window appear with a list of settings ready to be changed.

Let's start with the Form Settings, comprising other sub-menus. Registration Fields aims to customize the fields for the sign up window. You can add, edit the labels and placeholders for the fields, change the visibility for each field. Also, order them using our drag and drop feature.

Let's pass to the 'Registration Fields Design' tab: here turn on/off the Labels and Placeholders with just one click and don't forget to hit 'Save'.

Let's check out the After Successful Registration settings. Here you can append any 3rd party code to your website to set up conversion tracking after your users log in. For instance, you can easily integrate Facebook Pixel or implement the Google Analytics tracking ID here. All you need to do is create your Facebook Pixel or a Tracking ID and add it to the corresponding field.

The same refers to the After Successful Login.

Up next is Account Information settings. Select the type and view of Layout both in desktop and mobile for the Logged In mode.

Let's check out Button Settings. You have the options to change the orientation and the distance of both buttons with just one click. Now customize each button. 

What about taking a look at Sign In Settings?

You can turn the button on/off, make it a link, change the text, font and choose the button style from the list of your buttons of Designer Tools.

Now let's take a look at Sign Up Settings:

Sign Up button settings include pretty much everything showcased in the Sign In settings, plus the settings for enabling Captcha code.

*Please note, that the Captcha code will start working properly only in case Captcha is enabled for your Partner ID on the Spring Platform.

Go ahead and check Account settings: here choose the type of account you will have: Sportsbook and/or Casino depending on the type of your website. You can also customize the sections of the Logged In mode: My Wallet, My Profile, My Bets, Bonuses and Messages.

SpringBuilder offers internal messages system in the Messages tab. So in case your users are doubtful about something, they can write a message to you here.

As a gaming and betting website, you should introduce to your users the terms and privacy policy of the website. You can add the links to these pages in the User Account Logged In mode. 

Terms and Conditions

In case you want to show the 'Terms and Conditions' field in the Registration Fields, you need to have a target link for your users to get acquainted with your website's general terms before registering (it will appear in the Lightbox in the Public mode). To add that links, head over to 'Terms and Conditions' and 'Privacy Policy' tabs and add Internal/External link or an Anchor point.

*Please note that in case you update your Terms and Conditions, you should input the number of the version manually in the field (see the screenshot).

Up next is 'Tabs' which refers to the Logged In mode. 'Tabs' offers to turn on/off the sections such as Documents, Self-Exclusion, Time-Out and Deposit Limits, which will be visible in 'My Account' under 'My Profile' section after you sign in in the Public mode.

The next steps will show you how we can edit the styling of your registration and login popups. In the Edit mode, click the 'User Account' element and push the ‘Edit Styles’.

You are given a variety of choices for the coloring of registration/login popup for the From colors, Account Info Colors and Account Colors.

There are options to change the color of Title text, links, popup's background, etc. Use our color picker to adjust the colors accordingly.

In order for us to see the styling changes, you will need to head over to your website's Public mode in a new tab and click on the registration or login button. This will open the registration/login Lightbox where you can later see the styling changes that you have applied in your Edit mode. You need to sign up/in to see the Account Info changes.

You can change the alignment of the element. To align the 'User Account' element horizontally just click on the element and drag it to left or right. If you want to align the element vertically, click on the element and from the 'Vertical Alignments' option choose Top, Center or Bottom.

Don't need the User account anymore? Click ‘Delete’ to remove it.

While you are reading this, out team is working on new features! Stay tuned to keep up with our upcoming updates!

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