Adding a Subscription Element to your site will give you an awesome chance to gather an email address list from your visitors and customers. It's super easy and really practical at the same time!

To get started, drag and drop the ‘Subscription’ icon from the Elements Sections to the Crafting Area.

Move the black pointers to change the element width, while the green pointer is responsible for the element’s height.

To edit the element style, click the Subscription area and push ‘Edit Style’ .

To move to the subscription settings, click ‘Edit Subscription’. 

and navigate to ‘Settings’.

Use the pointers to show or hide the name of the Field, Labels and Placeholders.

Here and now, you can change the Button Name, inserting the title in the proper field.

You are even powered to change Labels and Placeholders of every single field.  

Changing the Button Style is within a hand's reach as well.

Please note, that the subscription information is being automatically sent to the Email address that has been used to while signing up for your BetConstruct Account.

You can manage the sending settings anytime, though!

You have options to change the recipient address or connect the Subscription Element to Mailchimp or Google sheets

Click ‘Mailchimp’ and make further changes respectively.

Let's go ahead and connect Mailchimp to your BetConstruct account.

Just enter your username, password and click ‘Log In’.

You may create a Google Sheet alternatively.

Connect your Google Account and name the worksheet. 

Keep in mind, that once you've connected Google Sheet, you can't edit the Spreadsheet, but disconnect and connect a new one instead.  

In case of connecting Mailchimp, you'll also need to choose your List ID from the dropdown menu. 

Why not add a message which will appear after a user has successfully subscribed? This message will be visible for the users that have already subscribed as well.

As you see, changing the Alignment and configuring the Visibility is possible as well!

To delete the Subscription element, just hit the ‘Trash’ button. 

Cool, right? As you're reading this, our enthusiastic team is already working on implementing new Elements and functionalities!

So don't waste your time and make the most out of this great element to create a Contacts' List! Always know we're just a step away so hit the Chat box in the lower right corner if you have any questions! 

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