If you want to enrich your website with powerful visuals and a single image just doesn’t get the job done, you can add an Image Slider.
To make that happen, just drag and drop the Slider wherever you prefer it to be on your Crafting Area.
Are you ready to add the Images and get them rolling?

Hit Edit Slider and either Upload them from your PC or choose some cool pics from the Free Stock.

Now move the controllers to make it match your page's overall layout.

To change the Image Slider parameters, click on the slider and select ‘Slider Settings’ option.

Time to choose from one of the three different slider types: horizontal, vertical or fade.

Next you have the ‘Animation speed’ option where you can adjust the time of the alternation between slides. Keep in mind that the time it takes for a slide to change is measured in milliseconds.

If you want your images to change automatically make sure that ‘AutoPlay’ is ON.

You can also set the ‘AutoPlay Delay’ time. This option lets you set the number of milliseconds that will pass before your slider starts rotating. Giving some time for the page to fully load before images start to change can be really useful just in case some of your site visitors have a slow internet connection. 

What about enabling Pagination, Touch Events, Arrows or the Cover Mode with  with a single click? Make use of the switchers to make the desired changes accordingly.

If you’re looking for something with crazy animation effects – Effects option in our Image Slider element is your best fit.
Why not add some cool Effects to your Image Slider: Hover or Loading, your choice!

Click on the desired one to select it and pick the colors you prefer for the Title, Description, Overlay and the Graphic Element on your Image Slider using the Colors Tool.

Wanna range far beyond the basics? Go for the Loading Effects section and pick the one you want the same way. Hit the Effect name on the left to preview how the effect will look like.

Don't forget to hit 'Save' once you've customized the slider the way you want.

To edit the Arrow and Pagination Colors, go for 'Edit Styles'. Pick the preferable ones from from the palette, be it Flat or Gradient and change the Opacity level if you want.

You'll find an option to change the Image Slider Alignment along with Visibility Settings.

It enables making a certain Element appear on Desktop or Mobile only, or everywhere by default. Simply hit Visibility Settings and choose the desired option from the dropdown menu to get full control over the Visibility of the Slider on your page.

Mind the Location visibility as well. Include or exclude specific cities or countries or set the appropriate Custom IP.
If you don't need the Element anymore, Click ‘Delete’ to remove it from your page in a blink of an eye! 

Buttoned up! 

If you still have any questions about the Slider Element, hit the Chat button in the right lower corner to contact our Support Team. We also recommend checking out Help Desk for more insight on how the Elements work.
Best of luck!

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