We all have gambling visions and dreams, goals and plans, so why not turn them into online reality?

Before you get started with SpringBuilder we kindly recommend watching this Video Tutorial on how to create Live and Prematch Sportsbook page with SpringBuilder, then scroll down for the step-by-step guide.

First of all, a brief intro to our Cloud App Management tool called SpringBME. This is a one-stop shop, where you generate a new BetConstruct Project, set the general settings there and then when your Project is created it assigns a Partner ID to your project (a number, like pid=314).

Using this Partner ID, we detect your website and show it correctly to your end user.

Here are the steps to take:

1. Go to SpringBME Console

2. Sign up and verify your account

3. After logging in, please go to your Projects

4. Create your first Project by filling in the required info, like business name, accepted currencies, languages, etc. 

5. In the next step select one of the ready-made websites as a starting point.

6. That’s it, you are good to go now! Edit your content, update the styling.

7. Contact our sales to Go Live.

After completing these steps, you can head to your Edit Mode URL available under the subdomain you entered during the starting wizard above:

     Edit Mode URL example: mycasino.betconstruct.me/edit

At this point your website is already accessible (with the preselected template) to the public via your Public Mode URL, which you can share to social networks, send to your friends directly or even submit to Google Search:

     Public Mode URL example: mycasino.betconstruct.me

Continue reading to learn more about the Edit mode of SpringBuilder and what will be available for you once you get there.

> Continue reading: Basics of Edit Mode

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