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Easy steps to managing the pages on your SpringBuilder website

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Even in the case of the betting and gaming business, the architecture of the websites is different. Our stories and ideas vary, and so do the content, structure, number, and hierarchy of pages on our websites.

Once you've chosen to create a SpringBuilder website, you are all set to start customizing your website structure, adding or removing pages, and setting page names.

Managing all these, as well as defining the correlation between the pages is made super easy from the Pages App on your Dashboard.

You'll find the overview of the already existing pages of your website right in front of you. 

You've probably noticed, that your pages fall under these three categories. 

 Main Pages
 Secondary Pages
 System Pages 

Main Pages are visible on your site navigation, the page menu, while the secondary ones appear when redirected from main pages through internal links. Complete websites usually include the following main pages: 

 Home Page
•  About Page
•  Live/PreMatch Sportsbook Page/s
•  Casino Page
•  Live Casino Page
•  Games Page
•  Contact Us Page
•  Promotions 

You can also rearrange the pages by putting them in the desired order by simply dragging and dropping them around.

Now, let’s get back on track!

It is very easy and visually suggestive to add or remove a page with this app. All you need to do is hover over one of the pages and the ‘+’ buttons will appear on different sides of the pages.

To add a subpage, just hit the ‘+’ icon below the page, while clicking the left or right ones you can add more main pages next to, let's say, the ‘Home Page’. The page types also vary, from Page Blank to Articles.

What about adding a Blank subpage now to see it all in action?

Once it's added, you can edit the Page Title and Alias and choose whether you want it to open in the same or a new tab from the Target option.

You can also define the Page Visibility that enables making a certain Page appear on Desktop or Mobile only, or everywhere by default. Simply hit Visibility and choose the desired option from the dropdown menu to get full control over the Visibility of the Pages on your website. Moving pages from one Category to another (Main/Secondary) is also possible from Page Settings.

The green dot in the upper right corner indicates that the page is Published, but you can always unpublish it by simply clicking on the dot or using the switcher respectively. It will instantly turn red to show that the page is not live anymore.

Let’s stop by Anchor Pages, which enable creating an anchor to another page on your website.

Here’s a short guide on how the Anchor Pages and Points work.

What's up next? The Heading page is visible on the Navigation Bar and acts like a Header for its subpages.

Want your visitors to jump to an external website in no time? Just add an External Page, which will redirect them to your website outside SpringBuilder. 

You can also add a Promotions/Blog page through the Article option, so take your time to add the page type you need.

Let’s move on to the Page Settings now simply hovering over the desired one!

The bottom line is that SpringBuilder has the opportunity to add the main betting and gaming pages with just one click. These pages are:

Live Sportsbook
Pools Betting
Live Games
Virtual Sports
Skill Games
PreMatch Sportsbook
Sportsbook Calendar
• Sports Results
• March Madness
• Esports.

You will get a ready-made layout for these pages, which you can edit afterward. To find out more about these pages, check out the 'Page Types' section.

Let’s move on to the Page Settings now simply hovering over the desired one:

You will notice that you can’t delete the ‘Home’ page but can easily turn any other page into Home enabling the Homepage switcher from the page settings.

On the other hand, if you want to remove any other page, you need to hover over it and click the ‘Trash’ button.

*Please note that you can create up 3 one-level subpages, and in case of creating new Subpages and deleting the Main Page they are linked to, the Subpages will be removed as well. If you want your pages to stay, make sure to move them to Main Pages before deleting the Main one from page settings.


The Homepage settings allow you to:

  • Edit your Homepage settings

  • Go to your Homepage and continue editing it

  • Duplicate the Homepage

  • Set Password

The latter option gives you the chance to set a password on a specific page and also check what the Password Protected Page looks like to your visitors from the System Pages Section. 

Using the Duplicate option from the Pages App gives you a slot to duplicate pages of a website while duplicating a full website or a landing page won’t be possible. When it comes to duplicating the subpages, it should be done manually.

If you are interested in the feature, click on the Lock icon, Enable the Password Protect controller and Enter the password in the Set Password field.  

You can also make your full site password protected using the Site Setting App on your Dashboard respectively.

After having activated the Password Protection feature for the separate page, your site visitors will see your page like this:

The System Pages also stand for Error pages your visitors see once on your website, or if you've decided to make your site go Offline while you're still working on it. 

As you know SpringBuilder allows you to add different types of System Pages.

You have the option to create Legal Pages: 

  • Terms and Conditions & Cookie Policy to display Legal Information on your Site. 

  • Sign In Required Page which will allow you to customize a Page for your Registered and Logged in Users only.

  • Sign Out Required Page that will show a notice and warn your Site visitors to sign in and view the Page.

That's pretty much all about the app, so let's move back to Edit Mode to check out some options that might come in handy!

So once you've defined the structure of your pages, the main ones appear in the Header section of your website.

You can easily customize how they look from the Navigation settings. Simply click between your pages and you'll find a set of options available. Just select Edit Navigation and use the controllers to change the layout, mode, and more.
For example, if you change the Mode, your pages will be shown in a Burger, just like this: 

Click on the 'Burger Icon' and the pages will appear on the right side of your screen.

Please keep in mind, that the system automatically generates the dropdown menu for your Website on Mobile view as it is the best scenario for mobile navigation is to use a so-called burger menu. And if you want to make adjustments to the burger menu icon on Mobile view, you’d better switch the Navigation menu mode from Standard to Burger, apply the desired changes on the menu icon and switch it back to Standard!

Take your time to explore the other options, change the layout and alignments as well as add some designer touch to your navigation by clicking on the Brush Icon.
We'd love to suggest checking out the rest of the Apps here to improve your website's overall functionality and enhance the look and feel!

Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions with us, as well as ask any questions through the Chatbox in the lower right corner and our Support Team will be there to help!

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