If you're that picky builder who wants every single element on your site look exactly the way you prefer and now wondering how to edit the Buttons to match your taste, you'll apparently find this article helpful!

Let's get the things rolling!

To edit the button style, click the element and push the ‘Edit Style’.

You'll notice a new window appear with a list of button settings ready to be changed.

To edit the Font of the Button Text, click the Fonts and move the pointers to change the font Size, Weight or Letter Spacing.

As you can see, you can customize the Button Borders and Size including Height, Width and Padding using the pointers.

Please mind the lock, if it's closed, then all corners will be changed in the same way.

While if the lock is open, it means you are able to change every button corner and side separately.

What about making the buttons stand out?
You can change the Color of the button and its text clicking ‘Colors’ and choosing the exact shade you need.

We offer changing the color of Background, Border and Text as well. Click the necessary field and move the pointers.

Click ‘Color Hover’ to select its color.
There are options to pick the desired hover color of Background, Border and Text as well.
Easy as that!

Go ahead and type your own Button Text and pick the desired button from the ones you've created from 'Edit Button' section.

Don't forget to hit 'Save' not to miss anything!

Once you're done with styling, time to move to the practical part of using Buttons on your pages. 

Click 'Edit Link' and decide where you want your visitors to be redirected to an Internal, External or an Anchor page.

Simply add the link or choose the page.

Enable the switcher below if you want the page to open in a New Tab.


You'll find an option to change the Alignment of the buttons as well as Visibility Settings.

It enables making a certain Element appear on Desktop or Mobile only, or everywhere by default. Simply hit Visibility Settings and choose the desired option from the dropdown menu to get full control over the Visibility of the Icons on your page.

Mind the Location visibility as well. Include or exclude specific cities or countries or set the appropriate Custom IP.
If you don't need the Element anymore, Click ‘Delete’ to remove the Button from your page in a blink of an eye!

You can also check out the UI Kit section for more insight on how to create powerful CTAs.

Have questions on Elements? We recommend checking out these Articles for a bigger view at SpringBuilder!

Always remember we're just a step away so hit the Chat box in the lower right corner and our Support Team will be glad to assist you! 

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