Want to add some interesting quotes to make your site content more impressive? A cakewalk! All you need to do is drag and drop the ‘Quotes’ icon to the Crafting Area.

To add a quote, push the ‘Add Quotes’ button and click the Plus in a new window.

Now you should enter the author’s name and type the quote in the proper fields.

You have the chance to add the author’s photo next to the quote as well. Just hover the Author area and click Upload.

Select the desired image in the Dialog Window and push the ‘Open’ button.

Don't forget to hit ‘Save’ once you're done!

You can add more quotes exactly this same way. To edit the quote text further, click the ‘Quote’ icon from the panel and make the desired changes.

Now you can change the element height simply moving the green controller.

Move the black pointers are designed to change the element width.

Let's move to Quote Settings to set the Pagination, Arrows and the Layout.

Once again, click 'Save' to have the changes saved.

If you want to change the Quote element style, push the ‘Brush’ icon from the panel.

You can choose the "Author Text Font Family" from the Dropdown Menu and move the controller to change the Font Size.
What about making the Text pop out? Pick the desired color from the palette to change the Font Color.

Let's set the arrow and pagination colors as well. Click on the desired item and move pointers in the Palette to select the desired hue, saturation and opacity degree.

Don’t forget to save all settings by pushing the ‘Save’ button.

To change some alignment settings of the element, click the ‘Alignment’ icon and choose the desired position.

Click the pointer on the left to open the additional panel. The available options are the same as for the other page elements. You may upload a background image or select it from the media, remove the whole block, change the settings for a mobile version, hide the block or save it. 

Once you've added the quote you wanted, check out the rest of the elements out there in the Elements section to make your site more efficient, functional as well as eye-capturing! 

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