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Customize Your Website's Layout
Customize Your Website's Layout

How to Customize the Layout of Your SpringBuilder Website

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The Layout plays the primary role in creating an eye-catching website. It's essential to building pages which are polished, sleek, and orderly in design and appearance.

That's what the next Designer Tools section is all about. It will help you make your page arrangements balanced and harmonious.

To get started, go to the Edit mode of your site → Dashboard → Designer Tools App → Layout section. 

You can change the Gutter Size and the Distance Between Blocks and Elements by moving the pointers. To change the Grid Container Width, push the Arrow and select the appropriate options from the dropdown menu.

SpringBuilder is built to be responsive in design, so you can easily change the distance between the blocks and elements in the mobile/tablet versions as well.

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For any further questions or concerns you may have, please visit the SpringBuilder Help Center for more information. 

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