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How to manage your domain to your SpringBuilder website?

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Manage your domains in one App with SpringBuilder!


Once you're on the Design Mode of your SpringBuilder website (, click the Dashboard icon from the Left panel and open the Domain App to get started. Here you have a chance to rename the BetConstruct Subdomain that you have initially chosen, purchase a new domain, or connect your existing one without any hassle through this app.

Domain Settings

SSL via SpringBuilder - SpringBuilder grants you with a free SSL certificate. To get one, toggle the switch and reduce the risk by keeping sensitive data collected on your Website safe.

HTTP to HTTPS - This option forces your Domain to automatically redirect to the HTTPS version. For instance, if someone visits, he'll be automatically redirected to

The Naked Domain

You have the option to remove"www" from your domain. Enabling this function will allow you to use both the "www" and "non-www" host names for your domain. Your site visitors will be able to browse your domain with or without the "www" prefix. This avoids duplicate content on Google and the possibility of a split page rank.

Important to know

Connecting Multiple Domains

You can surely add multiple domains to one site to help potential visitors find you better. SpringBuilder lets you register as many domains as you need to expand your reach. This is a great way to direct traffic to your site and give visitors multiple ways to find you.

Assign Language to Domain

The closing functionality, for now, allows you to link a specific Domain to a certain language of your website. To learn more about it, check out this article.

Domain Mapping

SpringBuilder allows you to connect your domain without transferring. Your current provider continues hosting your domain, but it will be directed to a SpringBuilder IP address.

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