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Preview Your Website
How Does My Website Look to My Visitors
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While creating your site, you're definitely wondering how it looks to your site visitors, right? We all know an aesthetically pleasing site is the main aim of the game. This is where Preview comes in handy!

Located on the Left Panel, click on Preview to check the most current version of your website. It gives you the chance to see the current version of your website with all the changes you made recently.

If you want to see how your website looks in Public View, click on Preview. If you want to go back into the Design Mode, click either Back or Edit.

With the Preview feature, you can also see how your site appears on tablets and mobile devices. Click on the Tablet or Mobile icons to do so.

You can also rotate the devices by clicking the Rotate Arrow on the right.

This should definitely make your website building experience easier and more enjoyable! Whenever you want, you can check out your progress!

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