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Introduction: Dashboard Apps
Introduction: Dashboard Apps

It's All About the Apps

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When building a website, it's easy to get lost in the details. Having organized site builder will definitely save the day!

Welcome to our crash course on the Dashboard Apps! Create an advanced site efficiently through our Apps. Everything you need to succeed is located right here!

Create the ultimate gaming and betting site using our fantastic features!

Easily manage your pages through the Pages App, discover beautiful photos from the Media App, and polish your pages with our Designer Tools!

Entice your site visitors with specially crafted betting and gaming tools located in the Casino and Spring Apps!

With just several clicks you can add Languages, Articles, Fonts, improve your SEO, and even add Pop-Ups to your website. 

Take care of the site logistics with Site Settings, connect a custom domain to the Domain App, and make sure to check out all of our awesome Integrations!

Get the whole team on board with the Team App to make your site building process easier.

Enjoy building your site using these advanced features!

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