Changelog v3.8
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Upcoming Features:

  • UI and UX changes will be applied to SuperBet

  • The SumSub KYC verification service will be implemented

  • Redesign for uploading documents for account verification will be done

  • Improvements in responsiveness will be performed for Live and Prematch Sportsbooks

  • WhatsApp will be added to the Bet sharing and Booking bets functionalities

  • Pistol shooting sports type and its visual statistics will be added to Sportsbook

New Features:

  • The Availability Period section has been added to My Profile to let players exclude themselves for a specific period of time (hours in days, weekdays, etc.)

  • Suggested Bets have been added to the Widgets X element and can be placed on the Sportsbook pages

  • Left menu sidebar has been implemented to Sportsbook and Casino once enabled from the Spring app

  • Players can now share their bets on social platforms such as Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter from the Bet History section

  • The Sports grouping option has been added to the Classic and US layouts of Sportsbook to show sports types with separate groups


  • Aspect Ratio has been added to the Casino Games widget settings

  • Improvements on the Multiples of the Day widget on the mobile version have been done: the layout can be selected as Compact or Expanded

  • Improvements to the URL structure for switching to the second crypto wallet have been done

  • A new setting has been added to the Casino Games widget for you to choose the loading type to be with lazy loading or a button

  • Logos have been added for several casino providers to the Casino Providers widget

  • Minor improvements have been added to the Bonus History section

  • One of the additional checkboxes on the registration pop-up has been removed to adapt to the Canadian jurisdiction

  • Some translation keys have been added to the Languages app

  • In case Multiwallet is enabled, the Bet History icon gets disappeared from the header on the mobile version

  • Icons for some sports types as well as game market expand/compact icons have been updated

  • Improvements to the Crypto wallet have been applied

  • In case the Fixed Scroll setting is enabled for the Sportsbook widget, Betslip is displayed on the top so that all error messages are clearly visible

  • The Remember me checkbox on the sign-in pop-up can be enabled/disabled

  • Getting notifications can now be shown with one field as a checkbox on the registration pop-up once enabled from the User Account settings

  • Bottom navigation can be disabled from the Spring app for the mobile version

  • Also, the Floating mode for Betslip can be turned on both for the desktop and mobile versions

  • Applying custom validation to the Password field now refers to the one set on the Forgot Password step

  • Sorting sports types is now available on the mobile version

  • The layout for Top Leagues can be set to show by competition or by sports type in the Sportsbook Configurations

  • In the Upcoming races (Racing page) the SP option is not available for non-runners

  • Players can now search their Bet History by sports types as a new filter has been implemented

  • You can now set the duration of showing error messages in the SpringBuilder X Configurations > Main Configurations (the default time is 3 seconds)

  • The bets placed with BetBuilder are indicated in the Open Bets section of Betslip

Bug Fixes:

  • Page names are fully displayed on the A-Z Menu Bar widget

  • The UI issue of showing Total Return in Betslip has been fixed on right-to-left language websites

  • The scrolling issue of the Quickbet confirmation pop-up has been fixed on the mobile version

  • Also, the Save button for entering stakes with Quickbet and for the Multiples of the Day events gets active once inputting numbers

  • Selecting Desktop Sportsbook in the Widgets X element works without errors

  • Cancelling Freebet bonuses work with its standard flow

  • UI and UX fixes on the Casino Games widget

  • A-Z Menu Bar no longer shows the unpublished languages of the website

  • UI fixes on the Bet sharing pop-up

  • Sharing bets works properly on the Safari browser

  • The bonus balance is identical both in My Profile and the header of the website

  • Searching for Today’s events shows the corresponding results on the mobile version

  • Withdrawing funds from the Casino balance works correctly

  • Last played games are loaded correctly on the Casino pages

  • The UI issue on the Withdrawal section has been fixed

  • Layout shifts while switching between wallets have been fixed

  • After claiming a bonus, the Deposit button gets active

  • The alignment issues on Sportsbook on right-to-left language websites and Betslip have been fixed

  • Freebets on the Live Sportsbook pages are visible on the mobile version

  • Names of sports events in Betslip are displayed correctly when switching to another language of websites

  • Unselecting all sports types on the Calendar page shows no games

  • Entering stakes lower or higher than accepted shows the corresponding error message and doesn’t allow placing bets

  • Clicking on the Favorite events correctly redirects to the game markets

  • The rerendering issue of the Events widget has been fixed

  • The number of bonuses is displayed on the mobile version of the user account

  • The default filter of the My Bets section in the logged-in mode applies correctly

  • UI fixes on the game cards for the mobile version

  • The market filter is no longer available for the Outright competition of Sportsbook

  • Minor fixes on the Crypto wallets

  • UI fixes on the dark mode

  • Minor CSS bugs have been fixed

  • Minor JS & UI issues have been fixed

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