Changelog v3.6
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Upcoming Features:

  • According to German jurisdiction, players can set a duration for switching between Sportsbook and Casino pages

  • Floating mode of Betslip will be available for the mobile version

  • Arrows will be available on the A-Z Menu Bar instead of scrolling on the mobile version

  • Player time-out information will be displayed on My Profile

  • Improvements to the Document section will be applied

  • Information about casino games will be available on the desktop version as well

  • Sign In/Out buttons can be shown as an icon

New Features:

  • You can now enable two wallets with real and cryptocurrencies and players can switch between them with one click


  • The Bonus History tab has been added to the Bonuses section

  • The NemID integration has been implemented according to the Danish jurisdiction


  • Live events and Sportsbook markets can be switched to the compact view with just one click

  • Casino Providers can be displayed with logos if you choose the Logo option for the layout

  • UI improvements on the Casino Games widget while hovering over the games

  • New functionality has been implemented to open payment methods in the same tab

  • The Horse Racing icon on Prematch Sportsbook has been updated

  • The number of bets on the Stake field when trying to make a bet with the System type is displayed on Betslip

  • New functionality of binding providers to the Casino Games widget has been added for players to filter corresponding games of the specified casino providers

  • According to German regulations, the Player Information pop-up appears when choosing to play casino games

  • You can enable the option of single login across devices: players can sign in to their accounts only from one device

  • Accepting odds in the Betslip settings applies to Easy bets as well

  • You can now add custom validation to the Bet and Session Limits registration fields

  • The current score of a sports event is displayed in the results while searching for the game

  • According to German regulations, the deposit limit fields are empty on the registration pop-up, and players will get an error in case the inputted number exceeds the limit set by the partner

  • You can enable/disable copy-pasting the password on the Confirm Password registration field by turning on the corresponding setting

  • All the dropdown fields can now be searched to show the corresponding results from the options

  • The Casino Leaderboard for Tournaments shows the player IDs with asterisks at the end for data protection purposes

  • Nationality and Citizenship have been added to the Registration fields and are not editable on the My Profile section

  • Players can set a time range on the Results page

  • The Bet History section has been added to the Sportsbook Iframe widget

  • Refactoring of the Mobile Sportsbook and Desktop Sportsbook widgets, as well as Match Tracker for Sportsbook: a big chunk of codes have been optimized for better performance

  • An icon of Live Streaming has been added to Live Sportsbook that filters sports events with live streaming at the moment

  • UI improvements on the Refer a Friend section in My Profile

Bug Fixes:

  • Tax calculations on Each Way bets are correct on Betslip placed on a Racing page

  • The autologout option set from the AGP applies to the SpringBuilder websites

  • The Autowithdrawal switcher on the Limits section of the User Account applies correspondingly

  • UI fixes on the Tricast/Forecast odds on the Racing page have been done

  • Page aliases are visible in the Design mode without any errors

  • The SuberBet info text no longer is visible when the offer is confirmed/declined on Betslip

  • The notification icon on Bonuses is displayed correctly on the right-to-left language websites

  • The Multiples of the Day events are loaded correctly

  • UI fixes on the bet statuses placed in the BetBuilder History section

  • The Claim Bonus button is no longer visible if the bonus is canceled

  • Setting unacceptable limits on the account shows one correct error message

  • UI fix on the Promo code field on the Deposit section on the mobile version

  • The Possible Win field on Betslip is loaded correctly when the User Account widget is not added

  • The UI issue of the account balance dropdown has been fixed

  • UI fixes on the mobile version of the right-to-left language websites

  • Setting a time range on the Balance History section applies accordingly

  • The Quickbet pop-up is opened properly on the mobile version

  • Verification for a phone number while trying to register works in a proper way

  • The UI issue of the Join button has been fixed on the Tournaments page

  • Setting a game limit on the Selected Sports Games element applies correctly

  • UI fixes on the Desktop and Mobile Sportsbook widgets

  • Layout shifts have been fixed on the desktop version of the Casino page

  • Skeleton loading fixes on Prematch Sportsbook and Results page for right-to-left language websites

  • UI fixes on the dark mode

  • Minor CSS bugs have been fixed

  • Minor JS & UI issues have been fixed

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