Changelog v3.3
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Upcoming Features:

  • Selfie will be added for verifying accounts

  • UI/UX improvements on the Documents section for the Canadian jurisdiction

  • The country code will be available when trying to reset the account password

  • UI improvement for showing account balance on the mobile version

New Features:

  • Popular Bets has been added to the Widgets X element which means you can have a separate page with the widget


  • The Mental Illness field can be included in the registration form: players that mention that they have been diagnosed with a mental illness are not allowed to complete the registration process

  • Also, the Bank Name field has been added to the registration form

  • Redundant texts on the Loss Limit tab on My Account have been eliminated

  • Validation on the Phone number field has been added to the Edit Profile section

  • UI improvements on the Racing page have been made

  • Sliders (for sports events, payments, etc.) are now designed to be scrolled to the left for the right-to-left language websites

  • Khmer has been added to the Languages app so that you can add and translate your website to the Khmer language

  • Main icons have been updated for the Esports page

  • The Salary Level field is displayed with the default currency of the website

  • A new compact layout has been developed for Top Leagues so that you can choose to show them in the compact and expanded view

  • Match information for Game Markets contains more information on the Sportsbook pages

  • UI improvements on the European layout of Sportsbook have been made

  • The account verification means (email or SMS) can be determined via the APG

  • Payment method for the Korean market has been implemented

  • Sorting dates and competitions on the Calendar page is indicated with the corresponding icon

  • An empty view has been implemented on the Results page in case there are no games available at the moment

Bug Fixes:

  • The duplicate error message for increasing the deposit limit has been eliminated

  • Placing bets using Freebets works successfully

  • The Iovation integration works without errors

  • The switcher to turn on Freebets is visible on the mobile version as well

  • The Reload button on the Bet History section is displayed correctly on the right-to-left language websites

  • Redirecting to the single event view both on the Classic and European layouts works appropriately on the Sportsbook pages

  • The request time is displayed along with the date on the Balance History section

  • The latest events are correctly displayed on the Calendar page

  • The How to bet pop-up shows once in case of choosing the option of not showing again for betting with Quickbet

  • Placing bets with the Quickbet option works correctly on the US jurisdiction

  • Casino games are correctly loaded on the Korean language websites

  • Newly added Favorite competitions are correctly visible on the European layout of Sportsbook

  • UI fixes on the Raving page

  • UI fixes on the mobile version of Sportsbook

  • An empty view is displayed on the Esports page in case there are no games available at the moment

  • The registration form that is set to be shown with steps, should always contain fields on each step

  • The Selected Sports Games element is correctly displayed both on the SpringBuilder subdomain and the custom domain

  • The Total Profit of newly registered players is correctly visible and no longer shows as undefined

  • Minor CSS bugs have been fixed

  • Minor JS & UI issues have been fixed

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