Changelog v2.9
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Upcoming Features:

  • Sharing booking bets will be available on social media

  • Search and Favorite bars will be implemented to the Esports page

  • You will be able to track data in case of failed registration attempts

  • Boosted Odds, Multiples of the Day, Outright, and Today’s events will be possible to include in the A-Z Menu Bar

  • Improvements in performance and stability

  • Bug fixes

New Features:

  • Pinnacle Sports has been added to the Widgets X element with the options to show sports or Esports

  • GPS Tracking setting has been implemented so as not to limit user activity to one location only and give users a QR code to scan and shake the phone as they log in or do a bet in some other locations. The setting can be enabled from the Spring app > SpringBuilder X Configurations > Main Configurations


  • The Card view layout has been implemented to the Events widget

  • Improvements on the Bottom navigation on the mobile version

  • The auth_token variable has been added to the successful login action for Data tracking

  • About 30 error codes have been implemented

  • Improvements on the Remember me checkbox on the login pop-up

  • Validations have been applied to the Deposit Limits according to the Cyprus regulations

  • According to the MGA jurisdiction, the “Take a break for 24 hours” information text has been eliminated from the single casino game iframe

  • The getBalance and NavigatetoDeposit section post messages have been added to the Sportsbook API

  • The Profit Boost functionality has been added to the Advanced Betslip, as well as to the single bet types as well

  • UI improvements on the Events widget have been done

  • The Product type column has been to the Balance History section specifying the type of bets players have made bets according to the Belarussian regulations

  • The Username field has been added to the My Profile Section

  • Game Markets that have more than four selections are displayed with the Show More button now

  • The Results and Calendar sections have been added to the Live Sportsbook page for a better user experience

  • UI and UX improvements on the Calendar sections have been applied

  • UI improvements on the Documents tab have been applied

  • All elements on the Widgets X element are supported on right-to-left language websites

  • Similarly, Sportsbook is supported on right-to-left language websites as well

  • Betslip keyboard improvements have been done on the mobile version: players can now enter the stake beneath each selection

  • Casino games can now be grouped and displayed irrespective of the categories

  • Badges are displayed on the Casino providers in case the corresponding data is sent from the backend

  • Players can now set only one team as their Favorite on the Prematch Sportsbook

  • According to the Cyprus regulations, players can make a deposit only after setting deposit limits

  • A pop-up reminder has been added once players reach 50% of their daily, weekly, and monthly deposit limits

Bug Fixes:

  • The correct error message is displayed in case of trying to make a deposit higher than the maximum daily amount

  • The dropdown menus get correctly selected if there is only one option available

  • Thumbnails for all casino games are displayed on the mobile version

  • The weight information on the Racing page is correctly displayed on the mobile version

  • The routing issue of the Wonder Wheel game has been fixed

  • The username and password are no longer autofilled after logging out and navigating to the registration page

  • Cookies are no longer stored for usernames and passwords

  • Players cannot enter + and - symbols for deposit limits

  • The phone number code gets sent correctly in case the Country field is missing from the registration page

  • Searching for a sports event navigates to the selected event

  • The Sign in the pop-up is displayed once when trying to play casino games before logging in

  • The dropdown specifying the bonus type (Active or Freespins) is correctly displayed on the mobile version

  • The distances of races are displayed on the Racing page

  • The rollback status after cashing out is displayed on the desktop version as well

  • Login and Register post messages for the WorldCup Sportsbook API are correctly sent

  • Players can use their bonus balance in case of having insufficient balance on their account

  • Calculations for Profit taxes have been corrected

  • The Login button has been fixed on the mobile version when navigating from the burger menu

  • The withdrawal issue of the PAY4FUNGO payment method has been fixed

  • The correct message is shown to players in case of claiming a bonus

  • Icons of the Follow Us element are correctly displayed

  • Fixes on the Reality Check of the User Account element

  • The Net Deposit tab is displayed properly on the mobile version

  • Stake and Total Return of Multiple and System bets are calculated correctly when selecting the Max stake option on Betslip

  • Choosing the date for the Document Date field works properly on the registration pop-up

  • Each Way terms for the Outright events are correctly visible on the Sportsbook markets

  • Placing a bet after booking works in a proper way for the System bet types

  • In case of showing fewer sports types on Sportsbook, the arrow is not being displayed

  • Taxes are not calculated correctly for the Multiples of the day bets

  • The Countdown element is displayed with the correct hours

  • Minor missing translations are replaced with precise texts

  • Minor CSS bugs are fixed

  • Minor JS & UI issues are fixed

  • UI fixes for the dark mode

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