Changelog v2.5
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Upcoming Features:

  • The On-page layout for the registration/login pop-up will be implemented

  • Refactoring of the European layout of Sportsbook is planned to do

  • Improvements to the User Account settings will be made according to the UK regulations

  • According to the Cyprus regulations, players will get informative notifications about remaining deposit limits

  • Also, according to the Cyprus regulations, some restrictions will be applied on BetBuilder

  • Improvements in performance and stability

  • Bug fixes

New Features:

  • The Top Navigation button has been implemented that can be enabled in the SpringBuilder X Configurations > Other Configurations


  • The dropdown option names are now shown with two lines instead of dots

  • The PESEL field now has its corresponding validations on the registration pop-up and the Edit Profile section

  • The Validate button for the CPF field has been removed from the Edit Profile section

  • In case of trying to bet with insufficient balance, players get a corresponding error message with a link to make a deposit

  • The sports type names are fully visible on the Sportsbook pages

  • UI improvements for the selected sports competitions have been implemented

  • UI changes for the additional market number have been done

  • The Future Races section has been added to the Racing page

  • The Clock widget now displays the login duration for players

  • You can add daily, weekly, and monthly Loss Limit fields to the registration pop-up so that players can set limits both for sportsbook and casino bets

  • Fast deposit process has been implemented in the mobile version that allows players to see the list of payment methods in the first step before inputting the amount

  • UX and UI improvements on the sports markets for displaying them as a dropdown list

  • You can now change the ordering of documents for verifying player identities in the User Account settings

  • UI improvements to make the unread messages stand out

  • The ordering of games on the Racing page is determined by the backend data

  • Players can now choose from which location they are about to receive money during the withdrawal process

  • UI improvements on the statistics table of Sportsbook

  • You can include links to the payment method descriptions by adding HTML tags to the corresponding texts in the Languages app > Translations tab

  • The CPF validation now works with 3rd party service

  • Refactoring for the Jackpot widget has been implemented

  • Players can search for bets with their IDs in the Bet History section

  • You can choose the sports types to show on Sportsbook on the Widgets X element settings

  • Time filters have been added to the Upcoming events

  • The Outright events are displayed with their corresponding titles on the Sportsbook pages

  • Players are redirected to the required fields that are not filled in before moving to the next step during the registration process

  • Five Upcoming games are displayed on the Selected Sports Games element after the suspension of the preselected games

  • According to Swedish regulations, the header of the website is always shown while playing casino games

  • The translation keys for Final Payout and Possible win displayed on Betslip have been added to the Translations tab

  • The translation keys for dates for Sportsbook have also been added to the Translations tab

  • Previous odds on the Racing page are separated by arrows, not commas

  • The Documents tab description is consistent both on the desktop and mobile versions

  • Content adjustments on the Bonuses section on the mobile version

  • You can make the icon styles outlined for sports types in the Sportsbook Configurations

  • You can edit/translate the Claim Bonus button text in the Languages app > Translations tab

Bug Fixes:

  • Skeleton loading is not shown in case there are no games available on the Sportsbook pages

  • The scrolling issue of the selected markets is fixed on the Sportsbook pages

  • The alignment issue of the Gender field on the My Profile section is fixed

  • Navigating to single market views on the Racing pages works correctly

  • Games on Tournaments are opened without errors

  • Setting birthdate with a calendar works correctly during the registration process

  • Various technical fixes on the PESEL/CPF field

  • Choosing duration for Login Limits works correctly

  • Markets’ list of single games is correctly displayed in the expanded view on the Sportsbook pages

  • Casino game redirections work properly while searching for them on the A-Z Menu Bar

  • Players can go back to the Tournaments page after exiting the game

  • The option to edit the promo code during the registration process works without errors

  • Mock data fixes on the Widgets X element on the Design mode

  • The Sign in the pop-up is no longer shown to the logged-out players

  • The loading issue of single live games has been fixed on Live Sportsbook

  • The available bonuses are shown with an icon with numbers

  • Several fixes have been applied to the markets and groups on Sportsbook

  • Empty areas on the Events widget are no longer clickable

  • Minor missing translations are replaced with precise texts

  • Minor CSS bugs are fixed

  • Minor JS & UI issues are fixed

  • UI fixes for the dark mode

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