Changelog v2.2
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Upcoming Features:

  • An additional checkbox will be added to the registration process for the MGA and Germany regulations

  • The Sportsbook layout will be updated for the desktop version for the US regulations

  • The Bonus request functionality will be implemented

  • Improvements in performance and stability

  • Bug fixes

New Features:

  • The My Cards section has been added to My Wallet, where your players can manage their attached cards

  • The VAIX sports recommendations integration has been added to the Widgets X element

  • The SEON integration has been implemented


  • All single casino games have their corresponding meta titles and descriptions generated for better SEO performance

  • All images are loaded with the Lazy loading option

  • Link structure updates for all sports competitions: each one is now available with a <a> tag with the correct href attribute and considered as a separate page

  • UI improvements on selecting All events on Prematch Sportsbook

  • The search bar has been added to Live Sportsbook

  • API call updates for selecting occupation and salary level on My Profile

  • Network Wheel has been added to the Skill Games widget

  • UI improvements on the Upcoming Races on the Racing page

  • Improvements on the password confirmation pop-up for Self-exclusion

  • UI improvements on the Search bar on Prematch Sportsbook

  • Entering a Zip code autofills the corresponding country besides the Address field

  • UI and functional improvements on multiple selections in Betslip, including adding events from the same market group

  • Fictive tax type has been added to Betslip that works the same way as Profit tax

  • Bet Status Check has been added to Betslip to show detailed information about the bet

  • You can edit/translate the Results dropdown option in the Balance History in the Languages app > Translations tab

  • You can set to show/hide the remaining limits on the Limits section of My Profile

  • An error message has been added to the Forgot Password pop-up for entering an invalid email

  • Recaptcha validation has been added to actions such as deposit, withdrawal, and sending SMS

  • Repeated text keys have been reduced

Bug Fixes:

  • Quitting a casino game redirects to the previous page

  • Selecting a sports type on Today’s events tab is fully visible on the mobile version of Prematch Sportsbook

  • Fixes on the Casino widget have been done

  • Redirections for affiliate links work correctly

  • The date picker works correctly on the registration pop-up

  • Live events no longer have the BetBuilder option

  • Casino games are properly loaded in case of selecting multiple providers

  • The UI issue of Casino providers has been fixed

  • A redundant key has been removed from the left sidebar of the single casino game view

  • The loading issue of the Event element has been fixed

  • Minor missing translations are replaced with precise texts

  • Minor CSS bugs are fixed

  • Minor JS & UI issues are fixed

  • UI fixes for the dark mode

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