Changelog v1.9
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Upcoming Features:

  • The Each Way bet type will be added to the Racing page

  • The Statscore integration will be implemented

  • The Tax information will be implemented according to the Polish regulations

  • The search bar will be added to Sportsbook

  • According to the UK regulations, the address will be autofilled based on the postal code during the registration process

  • Improvements in performance and stability

  • Bug fixes

New Features:

  • You can now enable push notifications via Google Firebase for your website, both for the desktop and mobile versions

  • You can also enable push notifications for sports events for players to ​​subscribe to get updates about matches

  • Canada has been added to the Jurisdiction list of countries: American Sportsbook and the Current Session Info section are linked to the Ontario jurisdiction


  • In case a player is not eligible to have bonuses, the Bonus section is not displayed

  • Quitting the registration pop-up works with the ESC button as well

  • UI improvements in the Bonus section

  • You can track players to receive a Booking ID and use it on your website

  • Market filters have been added to the Live and Prematch Sportsbook pages

  • You can choose the default setting for accepting odds in Betslip in the Public mode

  • Login and Logout dates have been added to the My Sessions section of the User Account widget

  • You can enable to show the Selected Sports Games element and Event widget title

  • The option of unsubscribing from notifications on available channels is now available

  • Refactoring for the Events element has been done to display the competition names for the US jurisdiction


  • A pop-up appears when a player deposits for the first time according to the UK regulations

  • The currency gets autoselected based on the selected country during the registration process

  • Uploading a document for Fast registration results in adding commas to the names while autofilling the corresponding information

Bug Fixes:

  • The loading issue of the A-Z Menu Bar widget when selecting the Prematch page is fixed on the mobile version

  • Setting distance between the User Account widget buttons applies correctly

  • Redundant space below the event cards of the Selected Sports Games element has been eliminated

  • Turning on the event type on the Events widget in case all sports are selected is no longer available

  • The alignment issue of competition icons and names has been fixed on the Racing page

  • Switching from Fun to the Real mode keeps the casino game correctly opened

  • The Save button is visible on the mobile version of the Betslip settings

  • Signing up players under 18 years of age is impossible in any step of registration

  • The rerendering issue of the Events widget has been fixed

  • Minor missing translations are replaced with precise texts

  • Minor CSS bugs are fixed

  • Minor JS & UI issues are fixed

  • UI fixes for the dark mode

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