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Changelog v.1.8.1: SEO Improvements
Changelog v.1.8.1: SEO Improvements
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We are happy to announce A BIG UPDATE: SEO Improvements for better crawlability and visibility of your website, powered by SpringBuilder X.

We have worked hard to achieve this milestone. πŸŽ‰

SEO-friendly Sports URLs

From now on, your Sports events, both Live and Prematch, will have dedicated crawlable and indexable URLs by default! This means that you will see a dramatic increase in the number of crawled and indexed URLs in your Google Search Console because all the Prematch and Live URLs are now crawlable, as promised.

Smart Meta Titles and Descriptions

All your sports URLs will have beautiful, keyword-rich content to ensure it is easy for Google to match it with the searchers' intents.
This is a good example of an upcoming match that inherited the auto-generated Meta title for the selected match.



Schema Markup Implementation

We have implemented the Schema markup for the Sports events to promote those events to end up in Google SERP. Here is a screenshot of such a code snippet available on every event page



Here are the results πŸ‘‡πŸΏ



Isn't this too beautiful? πŸ‘‹

SEO-friendly Casino URLs

We couldn't make the beautiful URLs only for Sports! We made it for Casino too! Your casino categories and slots are not crawlable with beautiful, self-explanatory URLs and smart Meta titles and descriptions auto-generated for you!


Sitemap implementation was an important one since this gives clear signals to Google crawlers to visit all your available sports and casino URLs, crawl them, and index them! We have slightly refactored our sitemap.xml file, which now contains just 3 references to other sitemaps: main-sitemap.xml, sitemap-sport.xml, and sitemap-casino.xml.

Here is the screenshot, enjoy! And do NOT forget to submit your sitemap.xml file to your Search Console.



Rendering Improvements and Lazyloading

We have made a lot of JS improvements to the main bundle of our platform. We removed a lot of JS code and have implemented the new Built-in, Browser level LazyLoading that became supported by the major browsers just recently.

This made your website perform better and faster... a lot!


Check out more about the updates, improvements, and bug fixes of the new version of SpringBuilder in the SpringBuilder X Changelogs section. πŸ™Œ

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