Changelog v1.7 + v1.8
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Upcoming Features:

  • Push notifications for sports events will be implemented

  • Players can make bets via Booking ID

  • The currency will be synced with the selected country during the registration process

  • Players can choose the default acceptance type for bets on Betslip

  • The option of unsubscribing from notifications on available channels will be added

  • Additional markets will be added to the Racing page

  • Improvements in performance and stability

  • Bug fixes

New Features:

  • Sports Tournaments are now available on the Tournaments widget to help you increase player engagement

  • The Session Information section has been added to My Profile showing player balance, stake, and profit information

  • You can now choose the pages for displaying on the Bottom navigation bar for the mobile version

  • You can also choose the section for displaying on the A-Z Menu Bar widget for the mobile version on the Widget X element

  • The option to set main pages for Casino, Sportsbook, and Esports has been added to the SpringBuilder X Configurations

  • Special Games are now available as a separate category on the Casino Games widget

  • The Favorites category is now available on the left sidebar of Sportsbook


  • The Racing page has been made more informative and user friendly

  • UI and UX improvements on the Racing page: all available markets and information are displayed in the single view of events

  • The left menu of the Racing page has been improved

  • You can set to show currencies as symbols in the Main SpringBuilder X Configurations

  • The bonus eligibility status has been added for players to know if they can have bonuses or not according to the UK regulations

  • Custom validation/error messages have been added to all registration fields

  • Event details have been added to all live games

  • Bonus and Freebet icons have been added to Betslip and the Bet History sections

  • The market filter has been added to Live and Prematch Sportsbook pages

  • You can change the ordering of events on the Selected Sports Games element

  • Link structure updates for all sports events: each event is now available with a <a> tag with the correct href attribute and considered as a separate page

  • You can now set font sizes for the Jackpot names, amounts, and pools

  • A numeric keypad is now available for entering amounts in the My Wallet section on the mobile version

  • The Deactivation option has been added to the Self-Exclusion tab

  • Button styles for the User Account widget can be chosen from the created styles set in the Designer Tools

  • You can set a limit of games for the Selected Sports Games element

  • Players can filter the Calendar widget according to starting time and competition

  • Information about sports events’ half times has been added to the scoreboard on the Live Sportsbook widget


  • Registration can now be possible only with Latin characters

  • Ordering for the Outrights competition is set from the AGP

  • The Practice mode is not visible until logging in according to the UK regulations

  • According to the South African regulations, an icon has been added to each transaction of the Balance History section that opens a pop-up with an iframe showing the casino game information

  • Live Streaming is now available on the Racing page

  • The date picker has been optimized for a better performance

  • Casino images can be shown with high quality if you turn on the corresponding switcher in the SpringBuilder X Configurations

Bug Fixes:

  • The Leaderboard scrolling issue of the single Tournament view is fixed

  • Changing the password in the My Profile section applies without errors

  • Text updates have been done on the mobile version of the Withdrawal methods section

  • The scrolling issue while turning on the Quick bet switcher on Betslip has been fixed on the mobile version

  • UI fixes on the mobile version of the single Tournament view

  • Placing bets for the second time shows Betslip correctly on the mobile version

  • The scrolling issue of Recently played and Related games on the single Casino game view is fixed

  • Scores on Open Bets of Betslip get updated instantly

  • Cashout on Betslip is visible with the correct amount

  • UI fixes on the Selected Sports Games element have been applied

  • UI fixes have been performed on the Racing page: elimination of redundant spaces, icons replacements, proportion fixes

  • Freebets are easily added to Betslip

  • UI fixes on the date picker

  • Changing the deposit amount on the mobile version applies correctly

  • Odds color is correctly reflected on the mobile version of the Events element according to the Primary color set in the Designer Tools

  • Minor missing translations are replaced with precise texts

  • Minor CSS bugs are fixed

  • Minor JS & UI issues are fixed

  • UI fixes for the dark mode

🪲 Please take some time to review your SpringBuilder X website and submit issues you have found by replying to this email with the reproduced steps and maybe a screenshot or a video.

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