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Enable Push Notifications for Your Website
Enable Push Notifications for Your Website

Instructions on turning on push notifications and sports events notifications for your SpringBuilder website

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SpringBuilder offers to integrate push notifications for engaging more players. For that purpose, you should enable Firebase backed by Google. In the Push Notifications tab, turn on Connect Firebase switcher and fill in the corresponding fields available in the tab. To get the information, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Firebase Console and click Create a project. If you have already created the project, just open it

  • Fill in the name of the project, enable/disable Google Analytics (optional), and click Continue (if your project has already been created, skip to the next step)

  • Once the project is created, go to the Project Settings in the upper left corner

  • Add your web app by clicking the Web icon (</>) to launch the setup workflow

  • Fill in the app nickname and hit Register to generate the code snippet

  • You can find the snippet in the console as well

  • Copy the corresponding strings and paste them into the Push Notifications tab on SpringBuilder

  • For the VAPID key field, go back to the Project Settings and click Cloud Messaging

  • In the Web Push certificates section, hit the Generate key pair button

  • Once generated, copy the key and paste it into the VAPID key field on SpringBuilder

  • All done! Push notifications are enabled for your SpringBuilder website.

!Note: For enabling push notifications for sports events, you need to turn on the Connect Firebase switcher. Fill in random information for the rest of the fields. Afterward, make sure to turn on push notifications in the User Account settings > Dashboard > Sections > My Bets > Allow Push Notifications.

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For any further questions or concerns, you may have, please visit the SpringBuilder Help Center for more information.

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