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Changelog v1.3 + v1.4 + v1.5
Changelog v1.3 + v1.4 + v1.5
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Upcoming Features:

  • Additional market groups and Future races will be added to the Racing page type

  • The State field will be added for the MGA regulation during the registration process

  • Suggested games will be implemented to Casino

  • Top Leagues and Boosted Odds will be added to the Sports List widget

  • Time filter will be integrated to the Calendar widget

  • The currency symbols will be available instead of the currency codes

  • Improvements in performance and stability

  • Bug fixes

New Features:

  • Integration of the 3rd party BetBuilder has been implemented

  • H2H statistics are now available on Live and Prematch Sportsbooks

  • The Date and Time format has been updated for the US regulation

  • Refactoring for the Racing page layout has been performed to provide a better user experience

  • Your players now have the option to delete internal messages

  • A button has been added to Live Sportsbook to redirect players to Prematch Sportsbook in case there are no live matches available

  • Optimizations for the market types for all sports types have been done for the mobile version

  • Loyalty Points are now implemented to My Profile for your players to make their gaming experience more challenging

  • The Refer A Friend functionality has been added to the Bonuses section

  • Outright has been added among competitions if enabled from the Sportsbook configurations


  • You can enable the Edit Bet functionality on Betslip

  • You can now select the sports types to show on the Results widget

  • The BetBuilder History tab has been added to the Bet History section

  • Single casino games get opened with an animation

  • The Item Purchase History tab is now available for the Loyalty Points

  • Refactoring for the Sportsbook markets has been performed for the USA regulations specifying the missing odds and markets

  • Market filter has been added to Sportsbook Calendar for players to see the exact markets available

  • Country names are now available on the single match view of Live, Prematch Sportsbook and Calendar

  • Total Over/Under markets are displayed on Live Sportsbook in case the Match Result market is not available

  • Counter Offer is visible only for the single bet type in Betslip

  • You can enable slider arrows for all sliders on the desktop version, including in the Payments section, Casino, and SportsbookLive Sportsbook is now available with a new layout for the US jurisdiction on the mobile version

  • You can show/hide the Bonus Code tab from My Profile if you turn on/off the Bonus Code switcher in the User Account > Dashboard > Sections > Bonuses

  • The Opt-In button has been added to the Widgets X element

  • A new Bonus iframe tab has been added to My Profile so that you can integrate your iframe for bonuses as a separate section

  • You can turn on/off QuickBet from the Betslip settings

  • Tooltips have been added to Sportsbook market groups, such as cashout, multiple group ID, and more

  • You can choose to display Live Streaming in the compact or expanded layout on the Live Sportsbook page

  • You can input a Statistics link in the Sportsbook Configurations

  • Players can change their personal information in the Edit Profile section by submitting an SMS verification code

  • Paid time information has been added to the Withdrawal Status section

  • Forecast and Tricast betting types have been added to the Racing page

  • Website currency is now visible next to the predefined stakes on Betslip

  • Information icons have been added to the Limits fields with their corresponding explanations

  • You can enable showing taxes (type and percent) on Betslip

  • UI and UX improvements on the registration pop-up

  • Improvements on the single match view of the Racing page: shirts and icons are now visible on the card layout

  • The card layout on the Racing page displays more information such as starting time, EW info, and odds

  • Horse Racing and Greyhounds are displayed as separate tabs on the Racing page

  • Additional information about Self-exclusion has a separate key for editing/translating in the Languages app > Translations tab

  • UI improvement on the input field for stakes in Betslip

  • Half time suffixes are placed according to the language requirements on Sportsbook

  • You can set to show/hide the New Message option and the Sent Messages section from My Profile

  • Suspended games’ selections automatically get removed from Betslip

  • The Date and Time format gets changed in case of selecting the US jurisdiction

  • Players can have the option of deleting internal messages

  • The Birth Department field now has a default option with its corresponding translation key

Bug Fixes:

  • Stakes entered with commas are correctly submitted on Betslip

  • Balance History is always visible in case only the Sportsbook or Casino account type is enabled

  • UI fixes on the scroll of the A-Z Menu Bar widget

  • The UI fixes on the Suspended icon on Betslip

  • The UI issue of the Search element of Widgets X has been fixed

  • Several fixes on the Floating mode of Betslip have been done

  • The skeleton loading issue on Today’s Events has been fixed on the mobile version

  • The scrolling issue of the Favorite Casino Games section has been fixed on the mobile version

  • Team logos appear instantly on banners in case they are hidden on Sportsbook

  • The first sports type gets selected when navigating to the Esports page

  • Players can input either daily, weekly, or monthly limits in the Limits section without getting an error

  • Time filters on Prematch Sportsbook remain selected when choosing a match and going back

  • The A-Z Menu Bar widget now caches data correctly

  • Casino Jackpot no longer overlaps with the My Account section

  • Searching for casino providers no longer shows the All option in the results

  • Alignment fixes for the Betslip title and Casino providers on the mobile version

  • Match tracker gets minimized without errors on the Live Sportsbook page

  • Minor missing translations are replaced with precise texts

  • Minor CSS bugs are fixed

  • Minor JS & UI issues are fixed

  • UI fixes for the dark mode

If you haven’t created your mobile-first betting and gaming website using SpringBuilder X, make sure to check out the instructions for the benefits you can get with it before you start.

But for now, you may also check the latest version through our demo website.

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