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How to integrate PeopleForce?
How to integrate PeopleForce?

Automate your HR processes with the integration

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Smart Platform To Automate Your HR Processes

PeopleForce is a great solution for optimizing HR processes within the company. It offers an intuitive interface for all employees of the company. Apart from other advantages, it allows you to manage vacations in case of the employees, seeing when colleagues or subscribers have birthday etc.

PeopleForce gives you the opportunity to get more through integrations with the systems that you already use -, HeadHunter,, LinkedIn, Google Workspace, Telegram, Slack and now with SpringBuilder as well if you want to collect applications for vacancies announced etc. or integrate any other platform upon request is possible.

To start off with the integration for your SpringBuilder website go ahead and take a free trial with PeopleForce.

After completing the form, one of PeopleForce support specialists will reach out via the email you have used to guide you through, organize a demo call if needed and provide LogIn details.

Once you have received your access credentials you can easily land on your PeopleForce Dashboard.

How to Integrate PeopleForce into your SpringBuilder website

From your PeopleForce Dashboard navigate to Settings → scroll down to the Security section → click on API keys → generate a key for your project → click on “Save”.

Once the API key is generated, navigate to the edit mode of your SpringBuilder website → Dashboard → Integrations → scroll down to find the PeopleForce integration.

Click on the integration and past in the first field the Domain (web address) provided by PeopleFore support specialist; add the generated API key in the second field to connect the integration.

And that’s it, now you have integrated PeopleForce into your website. The PeopleForce option will appear among one of the options that you can send data to via your Form or Subscription elements.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us directly via the Live Chatbox, located in the lower right corner. Our Support Team will provide you with top-notch quality support, 24/7.

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