Changelog v1.0
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Upcoming Features:

  • Customer Journey section will be added so that your players can clearly understand steps and conditions to achieve corresponding statuses and get bonuses in the end of the journey

  • Betslip will be available in the Floating mode for the desktop version

  • Loyalty Points section will be added to My Profile

  • Improvements on performance, stability, etc.

  • Bug fixes

New Features:

  • Results widget has been implemented to the Widgets X element

  • Multiples of the Day has been implemented to Sportsbook


  • Redesign for all sections of the User Account widget

  • Statistics visualization is now available on Match tracker

  • Players can upload their document right after logging in or signing up to get their identity verified via the TruNarrative service according to the German regulations

  • Language switcher is now available on the A-Z menu bar

  • Sports list wdiget has been added to the Widgets X element

  • Time format has been changed to MM/DD/YY in case the jurisdiction is set USA

  • Some market names are adapted to the American version in case the jurisdiction is set USA

  • You can set a background image for a single match of the Selected Sports Games element and Sign Up pop-up

  • According to the Belarusian regulations, players can verify their identity by taking a selfie with their documents on the hands along with uploading the front and back scan of their documents

  • Each registration step can have a separate title on the pop-up

  • Improvements on the Today’s Events coupon

  • Improvements on the Racing page to make it more user friendly

  • Printing and Book A Bet functionalities have been removed from Betslip

  • Wagering tool for bonuses has been implemented to Betslip

Bug Fixes:

  • Live Streaming works for all available matches

  • Sportsbook left sidebar in the collapsed view is displayed without errors

  • Balance visibility in the User Account settings applies properly

  • The ordering of the live games on the Events widget matches with Live sportsbook

  • Selecting a match on the Open Bets correctly redirects to the events section

  • The close button for applying time filters is adapted to the dark mode

  • The Recently Played category shows correct casino games for each player

  • Bet limits and Loss limits have been clarified for players

  • Minor missing translations are replaced with precise texts

  • Minor CSS bugs are fixed

  • Minor JS & UI issues are fixed

  • UI fixes for the dark mode

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But for now, you may also check the latest version through our demo website.

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