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Creating Your iGaming Website with SpringBuilder X
Creating Your iGaming Website with SpringBuilder X

Step-by-step instructions on creating a project with SpringBuilder X

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Whether you already run your website on SpringBuilder, or just getting started, migrating to SpringBuilder X will bring a lot of benefits to your iGaming website:

  • πŸ₯‡ To bring the true mobile-first experience to you and your players

  • πŸš€ To make it perform lightning-fast, according to the standards

  • πŸ” To make websites built with X more SEO-friendly at their core

  • 𝍌 Implement consistent user experiences and interfaces through a unified design system

  • To provide reimagined player experience for faster access to what players really need.

Let's begin with a brief introduction to SpringBME, our Cloud App Management tool. This is where you create a new BetConstruct project and set the general settings. You'll also receive your project's Partner ID, which is a number like pid=314, once your project has been created. The Partner ID allows us to accurately detect your website and properly display it to your end-user.

Here are the steps to take to create a website with SpringBuilder X:

  1. Sign up and verify your account

  2. After logging in, please go to your Projects

  3. Click the Create Project button > Web Solutions

  4. Create your project by filling in the required information, such as your business name, accepted currencies, languages, and more

  5. Select SpringBuilder X as the search engine and pick one of the ready-made templates to begin

  6. That's all! You're good to go! Just edit your content and design pages

  7. Contact our sales team to Go Live. Click on a representative's name and you'll be redirected to the form page. Our sales representative will contact you right away.

πŸ—£ Please talk to your account manager to discuss the processes for you to move to SpringBuilder X or arrange a demo meeting with the SpringBuilder team.

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