Changelog v0.8 + v0.9
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Upcoming Features:

  • Multiples of the Day will be available for the sports events

  • Results element

  • User account redesign

  • Players will be able to verify their identity by selfies according to the Belarusian regulations

  • Improvements on performance, stability, etc.

  • Bug fixes

New Features:

  • Sportsbook Calendar has been added to the Element list

  • Results widget has been added to the Widget X element


  • You can now edit and/or translate texts via Languages app > Translations tab

  • Your players can resize the Live streaming window or make it fullscreen

  • Bonus acceptance date is visible to players on the Bonuses section

  • Players have more options to choose for Time Out including a custom one

  • An option to minimize the Match tracker window while scrolling from the scoreboard has been added to the mobile version

  • Player’s personal information gets autofilled from the uploaded IBAN

  • Players can choose from the saved cards while withdrawing from My Wallet

  • Speed improvements for the Events and Casino Games elements

  • UI improvements for the Events element

  • You can award your players with Free Bet Bonuses via a unique promo code for a successful deposit by enabling the Promo Code switcher in the My Wallet settings

  • You can order sports types from the back office

  • A time range filter has been added to Prematch Sportsbook to find events by hours

  • Promotional banners have been added to the Single Tournament pages

  • You can upload background images for each step of the registration process

  • Sports banners convert from JPG to the WebP format

  • Clicking events on the My Bets section redirects to the corresponding match on Sportsbook

  • According to French regulations unverified players cannot access the Withdrawal section and are redirected to the verification section


  • Refreshing Prematch Sportsbook loads sports list in a proper way

  • UI fixes for the Search element

  • The skeleton loading issue of the Events element is fixed

  • The compact view issue for the Sportsbook markets is fixed

  • The Today’s events tab shows only the current day’s events

  • Arrows of the horizontal scroll of the payment methods are no longer visible

  • The coloring issue of the Bonuses and Messages tabs of My Profile is fixed for the dark mode

  • My Profile loads correctly after refreshing the page

  • The scrolling issue of the Esports game bar is fixed

  • The correct text is displayed on the Events widget in case there are no games available

  • The keyboard is correctly visible in case of switching the bet type from Multiple to Single on the mobile version

  • Choosing a league on a Prematch Sportsbook page selects the first match automatically

  • Quickbet remains enabled on the Live, Prematch Sportsbook, and Esports pages on the mobile version

  • Bug fixes for Betslip on the desktop and mobile versions

  • Choosing deposit amount after entering the amount gets autofilled

  • Collapsed Sportsbook elements appear immediately

  • Opening/closing Betslip no longer affects the scroll of the page

  • The endless loading of the Events element is fixed in case there are no games available

  • The loading issue of Sportsbook markets is now fixed

  • Clicking the Top matches correctly redirects to the corresponding Sportsbook section

  • Opened markets remain collapsed as long as players are on the Sportsbook page

  • Redundant element while enabling Freebet has been eliminated

  • The scrolling issue while applying filters to My Bets is fixed

  • Clicking a sports event from the bottom of the page opens the event correctly

  • The X button on the search field no longer closes the A-Z menu

  • Minor missing translations are replaced with precise texts

  • Minor CSS bugs are fixed

  • Minor JS & UI issues are fixed

  • UI fixes for the dark mode

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