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Changelog v0.4 + v0.5 + v0.6
Changelog v0.4 + v0.5 + v0.6
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New features:

  • Search is now available for your websites both for the A-Z menu and for searching sports matches and casino games

  • Selected Sports Games element is now available on your SpringBuilder X website

  • Players can now place a bet with Counter Offer in Betslip

  • New Game Card List element has been implemented


  • You have the option to show/hide Casino category names in the Public mode

  • You can add game count per page on the Casino Games element to configure the UI of the page

  • Predefined amounts are added to the Deposit section on the mobile version according to French regulations.

  • The expiration duration for verification code is displayed in seconds during the registration process

  • The Cashdesk field has been added to the registration process according to French regulations

  • Overall UI improvements on Sportsbook and Esports pages

  • The back button to the regions/competitions of Sportsbook keeps its position on the page for the mobile version

  • Selected Sports Games element is now available with the list view

  • You can add several Selected Sports Games element on one page and select different events for each of them

  • To make a deposit, players should fill in the amount in the first step

  • UI improvements for Sportsbook

  • UI improvements for Casino

  • Steps for entering password have been implemented for the registration process

  • User Account sections are displayed with a dropdown menu for easy navigation through sections

  • Your players can save their banking card after making a deposit

  • The Next button is inactive during the registration process till the player fills in the required fields

  • A new settings of opening the selected sports type has been implemented

  • Unplayed Amount, Unplayed Amount Fee, and Unplayed Amount Percentage are now displayed in the Withdrawal section

  • Hourly filter has been added to the My Bets section

  • The Reference ID and Action columns are now added to the Withdrawal status tab

  • Racing page can now be added on the mobile version

  • Live match details are now displayed in the single game view

  • Casino Favorite section has been added for players to select their favorite casino games

  • Show on My Profile and Disable editing functionalities are added on the mobile version for the registration fields

  • Sports types on the Live Sportsbook page are displayed at the top instead of the left sidebar

  • The Withdrawal method is autoselected and filled in with the necessary information in case there is only one method available according to the French regulations

  • Close icon has been added to the A-Z menu

  • Saved card is available for the first step of the Deposit process

  • You can add the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy links to the User Account element

  • The Default option has been added to the Jurisdictions dropdown in the Spring app

  • The Accumulator bonus information is now displayed in Betslip with the real calculated Possible Win with an Express bonus

  • Mobile keyboard now is being closed by clicking the Done button

  • The ordering of Top League games is determined from AGP

  • Choosing the Account type from the SpringBuilder X settings (Sportsbook and/or Casino) is reflected in the My Profile sections

  • The count of markets for the Outright Games is displayed on Sportsbook pages

  • A toggle has been added to Betslip to choose the Bonus Balance or Real Balance while placing a bet

  • You can now show/hide user balance from the User Account settings

  • The Calendar/Dropdown view of calendar has been implemented to the login/registration process

  • Show on edit profile and Disable editing functionalities are now implemented to the User Account element on the mobile version

  • The count number of Bonuses and Messages is displayed as a notification icon next to each section

  • You have the option to hide user balance on the Edit Profile section

  • Accumulated Profits tab is now available in the My Profile section

  • Improvements on the Bonus section layout on the desktop version

  • The collapsed view of Live and Prematch Sportsbooks leaves open only the first 5 market groups

  • Players can now cancel their bonuses from the Bonuses section

  • If there are no live games, users get an empty screen with a button to head into prematch games

  • Skeleton loading has been applied to Tournaments

Bug Fixes:

  • No data is displayed while loading mobile pages

  • The Counter Offer toggle is not available in case there is no event added to Betslip

  • The No matches found view no longer shows up if the matches appear while searching

  • Routing fixes from Betslip to Sportsbook/Esports

  • All the markets can be easily added to Favorites

  • Sports events that are suspended show their status in Betslip as well

  • Every added sports event to Betslip gets ordered correctly

  • Horizontal scroll has been eliminated from Betslip on the desktop version

  • Changed odds of live events are shown correctly in Betslip both on the desktop and mobile versions

  • The UI issue on the Bet History section is fixed on the desktop version

  • The close icon clears the search input instead of closing the A-Z menu

  • When players select France in the Country field, the Birth Department field shows all French departments during the registration period

  • Opening and closing the sign up pop-up does not affect the scroll of the page

  • Two and more events in Betslip results in only one Freebet toggle

  • The scrolling issue of the sign up pop-up is fixed on the mobile version

  • The mobile number code of Cyprus is shown correctly on the registration pop-up

  • Sports events count is shown with skeleton loading

  • The height of the Jackpot element while loading corresponds to the real size of the element

  • Caching system works in a proper way while switching to another sports type in Sportsbook

  • Logging out automatically closes Open Bets in Betslip

  • The Gambling Commission logo is not displayed on the single Casino game view in case the Default is set for the Jurisdiction in the Spring app

  • The glitching issue on the Esports page is fixed

  • The font size of currencies in Betslip has been changed

  • Skeleton loading is applied to regions and competitions of Prematch Sportsbook while changing the sports types

  • UI fixes for Match tracker for the bottom navigation on the mobile version

  • The search bar appears properly on the A-Z menu

  • UI fixes for Betslip on the desktop version

  • Clicking Rebet or Edit Bet from the My Bets section opens up Betslip

  • The scrolling issue of the Limits section is fixed

  • Tournament Leaderboard is displayed only when there is data to show

  • Switching between sports types works correctly

  • Password validation fixes for the registration process

  • Switching between Sportsbook competitions works correctly

  • Border radius fixes for the sports events’ card view

  • Minor missing translations are replaced with precise texts

  • Minor CSS bugs are fixed

  • Minor JS & UI issues are fixed

  • UI fixes for the dark mode

If you haven’t created your mobile-first betting and gaming website using SpringBuilder X, make sure to check out the instructions for the benefits you can get with it before you start.

But for now, you may also check the latest version through our demo website.

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