Changelog v0.2 + v0.3
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New features:

  • Recently played games are now available for your players among Casino Categories and in the single casino view

  • Session Limits are now available to ​​set/change players’ daily/monthly session durations and see the remaining amount of the limits according to the Polish regulations

  • SpringBuilder X Configurations are added to the Spring app to customize the player accounts

  • Your players can now print the betting tickets from My Bets/Open Bets sections

  • A to Z sidebar menu can now be set for the mobile version of your website with specific casino games and sports events

  • Events elements has been added to show live, popular and upcoming games

  • Bottom navigation bar can now be enabled for the mobile version of your website

  • New Live stream animation has been integrated to the Live Stream element: the partner can enable it from the Match tracker element and decide from the 4 settings which one to show or hide. The settings include Score, Statistics, Team names, and Timer


  • UI improvements for Match Tracker of Sportsbook

  • Optimizations for the Tournaments pages

  • Optimizations for the Esports pages

  • Boosted Odds and Top Leagues are included in the left menu bar

  • Birth Department has been added to the registration fields

  • Confirm Email has been added to the registration fields

  • Esports market groups are available in the list view

  • On-page layout for the User Account element has been implemented for players to log in instantly


  • Leap Instant Games provider is added to the Virtual Sports page

  • Leap Gaming provider is also added to the Virtual Sports page

  • Refactoring of Virtual Sports iframe related to routing and URL parameters

  • The Available Cities field has been added to City in the registration fields

  • The option to include or exclude countries has been added to the Country field of the registration pop-up

  • Enabling the Gift Bet functionality applies to the Public mode

  • The Deposit button has been added to My Profile

  • The Jurisdiction section has been integrated to the Spring app

  • The Loss Limits tab has been integrated to the player account

  • UI improvements for the live games board

  • The number of events and Open Bets are shown in Betslip

  • Your players can navigate to the Deposit and My Bets page directly from the User Account element in the Public mode

  • Steps have been implemented to the registration process

  • Improvements on the page speed and optimizations for better performance of SpringBuilder X websites

  • Match tracker is triggered at first for logged out users that select games with video

  • The Jurisdiction section has been added to the Spring app

  • On-page layout for the User Account element has been implemented so that players can log in easily

  • UI improvements on the live game card

Bug Fixes:

  • Disabling editing the Deposit Limits fields work without errors

  • Titles for SpringBuilder X settings of the Design Mode are updated

  • The icons for the selected section of My Profile are displayed correctly

  • Goals Handicap (0) market is clearly visible in Betslip

  • Easy bet is visible in the navigation of the mobile version

  • The padding issue of events and Quickbet overlapping is fixed

  • Opening and closing bets in Betslip works fine on the mobile version

  • Changing competitions for Boosted odds opens markets correctly

  • UI fixes for the Limits tab of My Profile on the mobile version

  • Odds over 1000 are clearly visible on Betslip

  • Clicking a suspended market group redirects to All markets

  • Redirecting to the events from the Open Bets works correctly

  • Redirecting to the events from Betslip works correctly

  • Book a Bet is clearly visible on Betslip

  • Signing in redirects to the chosen sports type

  • Fixes for the sign-in popup in the Casino page

  • Tournament leaderboard is displayed correctly on the Mozilla Firefox browser

  • The email validation issue during the registration process is fixed

  • All Games and Live Matches on the Esports left sidebar work properly

  • Esports live games are displayed correctly on the mobile version

  • The full screen view of Match Tracker works correctly on the mobile version

  • The Esports market order of All Games is fixed

  • The User ID issue of the Tournaments is fixed on the mobile version

  • UI fixes for the Two-factor authentication functionality

  • Market filtering issue on the mobile version is fixed: filtering Goals Handicap and Total Goals markets no longer shows Goals Asian Handicap and Total Goals Asian markets

  • The UI issue of the Login Limits is solved

  • When adding several events to Betslip, an error message is displayed

  • Choosing a date range in My Bets section displays today’s events are also visible

  • After logging out players no longer see their Open bets

  • Accessing Open bets for the second time shows bets fully

  • Players get informed when there is no ticket available in My Bets section on the mobile version

  • When activate QuickBet and clicking the input, the mobile keyboard is no longer visible

  • Clicking the Max button in Betslip loads the Place bet button

  • The Esports page loading issue is fixed

  • When selecting the Rebet option, users are redirected to the new tab

  • Minor CSS bugs are fixed

  • Minor JS & UI issues are fixed

  • Migration fixes

If you haven’t created your mobile-first betting and gaming website using SpringBuilder X, make sure to check out the instructions for the benefits you can get with it before you start.

But for now, you may also check the latest version through our demo website.

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