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Widgets X Styling in the Designer Tools
Widgets X Styling in the Designer Tools

Customize the coloring of the Widgets X element

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With SpringBuilder X your gaming and betting website will be easily customized both in terms of setting and design. There are specific colors that you can assign to all sports and casino components of your SpringBuilder X website.

To get started, go to your Dashboard > Designer Tools > Widgets tab where you deal with the colors :

  • The Primary Color on the right sidebar determines the main styles for the widget and applies to buttons, odds, borders, selected, and hover states.

  • The Neutral Color set applies to backgrounds, dividers, shadows, and texts.

  • And the Accent Colors refer to the secondary colors, such as links, success, warning messages, and errors.

Use our color picker to adjust the colors accordingly or write down the color code. You can see the preview of the changes instantly within the tab.

SpringBuilder X is built to be responsive in design, so you can easily change these colors for the mobile version as well by clicking on the mobile icon in the upper corner and picking the corresponding colors.

Make sure to check out the article on the Widgets X element for getting the full picture of SpringBuilder X.

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