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How to Translate Your SpringBuilder Website?
How to Translate Your SpringBuilder Website?
Steps to translate your multilingual website
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You already know that you can have a multilingual website with SpringBuilder, right? Now time to consider how to translate the whole website into the languages that you have added.

The translation should be done manually. There are two steps in completing the translations:

  1. Go to Pages App → select language from the Language Switcher → hover over the page you want to be translated → double click on the Title and Paragraph elements to start the translation process.

    Once the second language is added, all the pages get duplicated. All the content is copied from the original English page.

  2. Go to your Dashboard → Languages App → Translations section to translate any missing or additional content. This mainly refers to account, sportsbook and casino-related texts.

    You might find some missing translations on your SpringBuilder website that can be fixed as you add the appropriate texts in the Translations tab. Let's show it with an example:

    In order to search for this text key to translate this missing translation, write down pleaseTypeTheGamesName (in camel case) and avoid the first-word casino. as shown in the picture below. While the part casino shows the group of the text, not the key itself.

Once done with the Translations tab, make sure that all the pages, including System Pages, are thoroughly translated.

You can also set your pages offline until you're ready to publish your multilingual site. Simply go to your Pages App and click on the blue dot on the top right corner of the pages to set them offline. The red dot signifies the page is offline.

Once everything is published, go to your Elements section on your Left Panel, then drag and drop the Language Switcher Element onto the Header section of your website. You can edit the Element to your liking.

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