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How to Archive a SpringBME Trial Project
How to Archive a SpringBME Trial Project

Archiving Inactive iGaming Projects via BetConstruct's SpringBME

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If at some point you created a SpringBME project that you no longer need, you can archive it. Archiving a project is in a way the primary stage of the deletion process. It gets scheduled to be deleted after 30 days. If by any chance you change your mind or realise you need some information or details from the archived project, you can contact your Account Manager or your Project Manager to recover and unarchive the project within that 30-day period, before it gets deleted.


To archive a project, sign in to your SpringBME account.


Select the project you want to archive from the top menu next to the SpringBME logo.


Click the blue Manage button.


Under Actions, click the three vertical dots next to the selected project.


Select Archive from the pop-up menu.


A pop-up page will emerge. This is where you will need to

  • Fill in the project name and the project ID

  • Click the Archive button

The archiving process will commence.

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