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Get to Know about the Alternative Sportsbook: Pinnacle Element

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Betting and gaming website builder SpringBuilder has an alternative to its native Sportsbook: Pinnacle element. All you need to do is just drag and drop Pinnacle which you can find among the Elements list.

!Note: The Pinnacle element is visible only on the Sportsbook page types.

The Pinnacle element is available for logged in users only.

If you already have a native Sportsbook added to your website and want to replace it with Pinnacle, here are two options to make it work:

  1. Go to your Sportsbook page first, click on the Block Settings and choose Hide Block. You are free to drag and drop Pinnacle element to the Crafting Area after this action.

2. The other way is unpublishing the current Sportsbook page that you have on your SpringBuilder website, afterwards create a new Sportsbook page type where you can easily drag and drop the Pinnacle element. Do not forget to hide the ready-made block with native elements as described in the previous point.



To change the alignment settings of the element, click on the Alignment icon. You’ll have three options available: top, center, and bottom.


Device Visibility enables certain Blocks and Elements to appear either on: All devices, Desktop Only, Mobile Only or Tablet Only. Select Visibility Settings and choose the desired option from the dropdown menu to get full control over the Elements Visibility on your pages.

Location Visibility allows you to select Matching in order to include or exclude the Location Handling options of: a specific country, city, or Custom IP.

Session Visibility allows you to set the visibility of certain Blocks and Elements to: the public, logged in users only, or logged out users only.

Located next to the Visibility Settings is Schedule Visibility. This allows you to Show or Hide Visibility and select the Type: Ongoing, Scheduled, or Recurring.

Good luck on the creating and editing your SpingBuilder website!

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