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How to Enable and Set up BetConstruct's Odds Feed in SpringBME

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Welcome to the help page of Odds Feed. This product is available if you have created an API-based project.

Get full access to 40,000+ live matches and 65,000+ pre-matches monthly on sporting events from around the world! Odds Feed links our partners’ businesses to the latest and most accurate sports betting data. And the odds setting skills of our professional bookmakers are at your disposal.

More than 300 professional BetConstruct traders offer thousands of pre-match and live betting markets on sporting events around the world. All of our odds data is collected through the Match Reporters Network (live scouts), TV and Live Video Streaming. BetConstruct’s Odds Feed advantages include integration via JSON feed, fully automated and customisable data, continuous updates of odds during matches.

Please see the Description section of SpringBME’s Odds Feed product page for the full list of its features.

To enable Odds Feed, just click the green Enable button.

As soon as you’ve done that, this is what the product will look like.

Let’s proceed to the Setup section.


In the Setup section,

  • Enter your IP-address in the IP field to be whitelisted.

  • Click the Save button to initiate the whitelisting request process. You will be notified once your IP-address has been whitelisted. It normally takes about 24 hours.

  • Make sure to copy and store the key from the Key field. This is the back-end key, which you will use to establish communication with us and get the Odds Feed data.

  • If necessary, you can download Odds Feed API Documentation on the latest updates. Available in PDF format.

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