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Ordering BetConsruct's Services in SpringBME

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Welcome to the help page about the Services section in your SpringBME account. We at BetConstruct do our best to help you run your operation and meet any specific needs related to it. In light of that, we provide services in support of your business project created with SpringBME.

Here’s the list of the available services you can request through your account:

*You will need to have created at least one project through your SpringBME account in order to see the linked pages.

Requesting a service is as easy as ABC. Enter any service page you need and click the Order button. Submit the required information to get a quote and an estimate.

As you understand, it is important to have all documents in place and all documentation-related matters sorted out when it comes to running your operation.

We do realise there may be difficulties with due diligence procedures or legal aspects of your business. Which is why we have a dedicated team specifically dealing with such matters.

Our experts are here to address all your service-related issues and provide you with the legal consultation or licensing advice you may need.

To contact us, go to your SpringBME account, select the service you need assistance with, briefly describe your issue, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

As regards legal services,

  • we deal with the registration of trademarks, copyrights and software licences on your behalf;

  • we provide assistance in the incorporation of legal entities and opening bank accounts in reputable jurisdictions, such as Malta, UK, Isle of Man, Curacao, etc.;

  • we revise, draft and participate in negotiations: software licence agreements, White Label agreements, consulting agreements, technical service agreements, non-disclosure agreements etc.;

  • we assist with the registration of trademarks, patents, copyrights and other types of protection of intellectual property;

  • we help with preparation for arbitration and other court matters in a particular jurisdiction.

Additionally, our well-established licensing and certification specialists provide the following services to our partners:

  • reviewal of legal and technical requirements of jurisdictions/regulators of concern, Consultancy on Due Diligence and Compliance

  • testing/certification of the products of concern by a pre-selected / regulator-approved independent testing laboratory

  • completion of licence application documents for the submission to the regulator

  • post-licensing assistance with periodic (daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/annual) reporting in compliance with a regulator’s requirements

  • post-licensing assistance in half-yearly/annual audits in compliance with a regulator’s requirements

  • renewal of certificates/licences in compliance with a regulator’s requirements

These include but are not limited to risk management, dedicated trading, translation and localisation, design and marketing.

It’s not enough to just have an operation, it is also vital to take care of it. To manage and minimise the risks, we have a 50+ member risk management team that has dealt with numerous issues throughout the 15 years of our company’s existence. Our specialists are here to manage any unwanted issues and even prevent the emergence of those by applying correct risk management. We understand the importance of protecting B2C operators from possible risks and losses. That is why we have developed our effective AI-powered risk management and anti-fraud tool Umbrella, to safeguard our partners from any fraudulent action. We are quick to identify the fraudulent actions of your clients and take measures to minimise the losses they may cause.

With the Dedicated Trading Service, partners get an exclusive opportunity to be assisted by a trading team of professionals boasting more than 10 years of experience in the area of trading. The service offers 24/7 Sportsbook support covering all of the trading aspects. Partners’ DTT journeys start with a SWOT business analysis. Their competitive positions get evaluated, and the trading team develops strategic plans accordingly. The DTT general routine includes real-time monitoring, Sportsbook liability management (limits), continuous evaluation and supervision of margins, client monitoring and analysis, reporting (trading analyses are provided on a daily/monthly basis), UI/UX and other need-based functionalities.

Whether you want to go global or local with your business, our team of professional translators is at your service. Majored in linguistics, applied linguistics, law and marketing, our language experts are ready to provide accurate and reliable translation from/into 16+ languages for any of your projects. Text files, documents, manuals, websites, projects, software, other custom orders - we translate everything.

As you surely understand, the brand image depends on design. Design boosts your brand’s capacity to communicate. Whether it’s just a design element placed on your website or full design meant for external advertising - the sector specialists will come up with something that you’ll definitely benefit from.

BetConstruct’s Design department covers the areas of web design, promotional materials and social media content that best reflect your brand identity and meet your expectations. We also receive design orders from our long-distance partners by email or phone. Draft design concepts and half-way revisions are either posted on our website or emailed to you for your review, comments, and approval. Once the work has been completed, we give you the final files.

BetConstruct’s Marketing department offers a full spectrum of digital campaign planning and realisation: market research, competitor activeness monitoring, target audience search, campaign planning, media platform communication, campaign monitoring, audit and effectiveness rating. Mainly focused on non-standard placements, we ensure high user involvement and ultra-innovative models of formats and counting mechanisms. Our media-buying and media-planning services include banner and video placements.

Successful operators participate in affiliates’ expos or any other exhibitions where they can present their brand to potential partners and users. Our management team is ready to design and manage your project for an exhibition showcase at any trade show worldwide, as well as organising logistics on your behalf.

We’d be happy to share our exhibiting experience with you. Our Trade Shows and Logistics Department will take care of all the preparations with a 100% success guarantee.

We manage your project, we design, build and install exhibition stands all over the world, offering a complete solution package that will meet every requirement and suit your budget.

With our long-time industry experience, we are passionate about what we do and fully equipped to help you reach your target audience. Our designers, dedicated project managers and expert production team all have the same purpose - to make you stand out and foster your business growth.

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