Enabling and Using BetConstruct's Customer Relationship Management

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Welcome to the help page of CRM. Fully integrated with the Spring platform, this automated marketing and analytics tool allows you to run data-driven marketing campaigns, tailor your offerings to individual customer needs and meet modern challenges in acquisition and retention.

Our CRM solution is gaming-specific, with a large number of filters applied to BetConstruct’s sports and casino offerings. Its features include but are not limited to: client segmentation with 210+ dynamic filters; analytics metrics, charts and reports through the customisable dashboard; real-time campaign monitoring; flexible and automated report generation across 80+ parameters.

To enable the product, just click the green Enable button. As soon as you’ve done that, the CRM tab will be activated in your Backoffice menu (on the left side of the page). Through there, you can start building campaigns, offer bonuses and manage your user retention.

Please see the Description section of SpringBME’s CRM tool page for the full list of its features.


There is also the Release Notes section, where you can check out the latest updates.

Please keep in mind that if you have queries or need more information, there is always the Live Chat, through which you can contact us right away. We’ll be happy to assist you with any matter.

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