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Enabling and Using BetConstruct's Agent System Software

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Welcome to the help page of Agent System Software. This tool gives you an opportunity to expand your player base through a manageable hierarchy of agent networks of all sizes. You are able to assign agents to promote your businesses while enjoying complete transparency and retaining control over all incoming cash streams.

A well-run agent network has the capability to leverage multiple agents' personal contacts by transforming recommendations into new players, new revenue streams and increased profits. Your risk is minimised, as the agent payout is linked to your profit.

Prior to full set-up, you can specify how many system levels you need and identify each of those. Every operator can access the information held by either of their agents. You have a complete overview of the system’s risk status, as well as the amounts wagered and won. You also have full access to the agents’ and aggregators’ profits. With the full view of all players' accounts at hand, you can calculate risks and adjust odds before taking bets.

To enable the product, just click the green Enable button. As soon as you’ve done that, you can proceed to your Backoffice. Inside your Backoffice, click or hover over the Applications icon (three little cubes). Select Agent System to enter and see your agent system with its default settings. Learn how the system we developed functions and customise it to fit your needs.

Please see the Description section of SpringBME’s Agent System Software tool page for the full list of its features.


There is also the Release Notes section, where you can check out the latest updates.

Please keep in mind that if you have queries or need more information, there is always the Live Chat, through which you can contact us right away. We’ll be happy to assist you with any matter.

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