Welcome to the help page of Live Sports Video Streaming. With this product, you can offer your players a complete range of betting opportunities via 11,500 unique live videos per month including 9,000+ eSports streamed in HD.

Live Sports’ on-demand Video Streaming allows your players to catch up on the event of their choice or to rewatch particular plays or sections of a game. BetConstruct’s eSports video streaming includes optional live odds feed and statistics. It provides the flexibility you require to receive odds or create them in-house.

All matches are recorded exclusively at the BetConstruct secure facility and all players are subject to BetConstruct’s rigorous risk management.

The service comes with a powerful set of reporting and monitoring tools, all combined into a single dashboard interface.

Please see the Description section of SpringBME’s Live Sports Video Streaming product page for the full list of its features.

To enable the product, just click the green Enable button.

As soon as you’ve done that, you can proceed to set up your Live Sports Video Streaming. Let’s take a look at the Setup section.


Here, in the Setup section, you can see the list of providers whose live video streams we can provide for your project: Betradar, Sports Media Stream, IMG, to name a few. Most of these need to be set up by your account manager, so please contact them. But there are also one-click providers, such as Twitch, for example, that don’t require a set-up procedure: you just click “Enable” next to the provider’s name.


There is also the Release Notes section, where you can check out the latest updates.

Please keep in mind that if you have queries or need more information, there is always the Live Chat, through which you can contact us right away. We’ll be happy to assist you with any matter.

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