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Managing Your Live Operation with SpringBME
Managing Your Live Operation with SpringBME

Life after Live: Take Control of Your Live Operation via SpringBME

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So you have successfully started your operation. But you still wonder what happens next, right?

It all looks great, everything functions as properly as it should. But you still have questions. Mostly about management.

You’re right: to manage your operation you need more information. But don't worry. Once you've gone live, an account manager (not to be confused with the project manager!) will be assigned to you. They will be by your side in all cases and scenarios your Live project may find itself in.

Activating another product? Or setting up a new payment method? Our account managers are always there to assist you. So don't overthink it, everything will be alright. You can forward your requests to your account manager anytime. The manager will address and tackle them all.

FYI, we’ve got an extensive tool base to help you organise your operation as accurately and effectively as possible.

  • Backoffice is one of them. This is where you’ll be able to follow your project-related information. Apart from financial reports, you can use Backoffice to set up bonuses and manage your users.

  • Then there is CRM. With our CRM tool, you can arrange your customer acquisition and retention, as well as setting up various campaigns to maximise your profit.

  • Besides, let’s not forget about our Affiliate system. Involving affiliates is another great way to gain even more profit.

So, to sum it up… You go live. You get your personal account manager dealing with your requests. You get a bunch of excellent tools for your operation, such as our Backoffice, CRM, Affiliates. You always have the option to activate new products on top of the existing ones: BetConstruct makes that possible, too.

No matter the request, BetConstruct will get back to you in under 30 minutes with an update related to your issue.

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