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Starting Your Live Operation with SpringBME
Starting Your Live Operation with SpringBME

How Your BetConstruct iGaming Projects Go Live

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So how do you go about switching your project from Trial to Live?

The process of going Live is as simple as this:

  • First off, make up your mind as to what country you want to be operating in and what licence you’ll be using.

  • Prepare all of the documentation and information related to your company.

  • Contact BetConstruct.

  • On the basis of the information you’ve provided, BetConstruct will prepare a contract. It will be mutually reviewed and signed.

  • As a partner, you will need to make payments, as discussed and agreed in advance.

  • A project manager will be assigned to you. Together, you will work on your project to make it as perfect as possible.

  • As soon as the project is ready, you will review it and confirm everything is to your liking.

  • The project will go live. It normally takes 1-3 working days.

So, as long as you have no doubts about what you’re going for, contact us straight away. We’ll take care of the rest, ensuring your project is in its best state as it goes live.

In a nutshell… Get in touch with us. Sign the contract. See your project go live!

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