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How to Create an API-based Project with SpringBME
How to Create an API-based Project with SpringBME

BetConstruct’s iGaming Platform Meets Your Existing Solution via API

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With Data Integrations, you integrate our platform into your existing solution via API.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for you to create an API-based project.


Sign in to your SpringBME account.


Click the green Create Project button.


On the Choose Project Type page, select Data / API Integrations.


On the next page, you fill in the Info block with the following required information:

  • Come up with a Project Name. This will only be seen inside SpringBME. The maximum number of allowed characters in a project name is 35, the minimum is 3.

  • Project Alias. This will automatically be generated on the basis of your project name and will serve to connect and associate your project to other platforms.

  • Main language stands for the primary operational language of your website.

  • Supported languages are those that can additionally be available to your website users.

  • As for the Timezone, select one that will be used to base your entire operation’s activity on.

Now, what happens after the Create Project process is completed, you may wonder?

You’ll find yourself on the Overview page containing the basic info about your project (Name, Alias, Solution, Domain) and suggesting what your next possible steps could be: Odds Feed and/or Friendship.

  • In the case of Odds Feed, you receive an already operating trial version to test it.

  • Same with Friendship. You can activate it in order to get videos at once.

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