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How to Create a Web-Solutions Project with SpringBME
How to Create a Web-Solutions Project with SpringBME

Initiating an iGaming Project Has Never Been Easier

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With Web Solutions, you start your project using our ready-made options, and that’s when our entire platform is at your disposal.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for you to create a Web Solutions project.


Sign in to your SpringBME account.


Click the green Create Project button.


On the Choose Project Type page, select Web Solutions.


On the next page, fill in the following required information:

In the General block,

  • Come up with a Project Name. This will only be seen inside SpringBME. The maximum number of allowed characters in a project name is 30, the minimum is 3.

  • Project Alias. This will automatically be generated on the basis of your project name and will serve as a unique identifier to connect and associate your project to other platforms.

  • Select the Primary country of operation, based on where your organisation will be registered or the main location of your users.

  • Solution. Decide whether you want to go for Turnkey or White label. Hover over the question marks next to each of these to read explanatory information. In a nutshell, this is how it works.

Turnkey functions with your licence and wallet (you need to already have those!), alongside the software from BetConstruct. With the Turnkey solution, you deal with legal and financial matters, while we provide the software for your business. The software provision is flexible and customisable. You can choose the platform’s design, structure and tell us your preferences.

White label suggests that we provide the whole package from scratch as a ready-to-operate solution that has been tested and perfected many times. It all works under our licence and with our software. We take care of all the legal, financial and administrative matters. Besides, even this ready solution can be customised according to your needs.

In the Currency Settings block, please note the difference between Main Currency and Supported Currencies. These are two different notions.

  • Main currency will be the currency used in all your Backoffice logs and reports. It is solely associated with your own payments and financial procedures.

  • Supported currencies are those offered to your users on your website. For instance, if you want to only offer EUR to your website users as an accepted payment currency, then select Euro as a supported currency.

In the Languages and Timezone block, the Main language stands for the primary operational language of your website. Supported languages are those that can additionally be available to your website users. As for the Timezone, select one that will be used to base your entire operation’s activity on.

In the Website section, select one of the two available engine options: BetConstruct’s acclaimed CMS (Content Management System) or SpringBuilder. Hover over the question marks next to each of these to read explanatory information.

Now, what happens after the Create Project process is completed, you may wonder?

You’ll find yourself on the introductory page with the Overview block containing the basic info about your project (Name, Alias, Solution, Domain), as well as a section suggesting what your next possible steps could be: adding products to your website, configuring payment methods, getting promocodes.

Additionally, to give you a fuller picture, here’s an example for you. Say, a Turnkey project has been created. A domain has been assigned to it. This domain (e.g. https://<project-alias> for SpringBuilder or https://<project-alias> for BetConstruct CMS) can be shared with friends, and people can visit and review your site. Meanwhile, you can add as many products as you like. Try various payment methods: you’ll be able to test those before starting the operation. Additionally, get a promocode right away, click on your domain, go through the registration process and start testing.

It’s almost the same with the White label solution, the only difference being that we can offer more products through Turnkey, since in that option we only sell the software. You take our products and use them with your own licence, wallet, and the whole combination works just fine. Whereas with White label, BetConstruct deals with all the risks. So this is quite a no-worries option.

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