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How to Give Your iGaming Dream a Try
How to Give Your iGaming Dream a Try

Introducing BetConstruct's Trial Projects

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Trial projects are meant to bring BetConstruct offerings to your doorstep via SpringBME.

With your BetConstruct account, you are entitled to having up to 10 trial projects. This is a great opportunity to test various project combinations, compare them to one another and choose the optimal solution for your business.

Throughout trial projects, BetConstruct gives you an opportunity to generate promocodes and conduct test runs of your website. We give you a 5-user promocode, then your website gets topped up with a sum equivalent to 20 EUR, so that you can view the entire process of your users making their bets.

The trial option allows you to take advantage of all the Live Project main features. There is almost no difference. Activate Sportsbook, and your trial version will basically be identical to the live one. The same goes for the Fantasy Sports trial and live versions, as well as all the other products. It’s just that trial projects are not real-time: you can’t make payments or withdraw funds.

We give you a real domain to test your project’s website. You can share the link with your friends to let them take a look at your website and even post the link to their social pages.

To make the most of your project, we’d recommend activating all the SpringBME features. First, test them all. And only then make up your mind. Even though you may be pretty sure you need no more than sports-associated products, why not also try our casino-related solutions?

Feel free to activate them, see how they look and function, find out more about them.

In fact, SpringBME boasts a rich collection of statistically most successful and profitable products in the 2020 market. Each of those can become a profit generation channel that you have never thought of.

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