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How Can You Benefit from Using SpringBME?
How Can You Benefit from Using SpringBME?

Top 10 Benefits of Using SpringBME

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SpringBME is a console through which you can establish very productive cooperation with BetConstruct, one of the world’s best iGaming software providers. SpringBME facilitates the process of launching your gaming or betting website. Changing the way operators see the industry, SpringBME gives users the freedom to create a website, choose from multiple products, enable helpful tools and buy additional services.

Let’s see how effective using SpringBME can be. Here are some of the perks you’ll be entitled to if you use SpringBME:


See your trial project straight away and be able to test it at once.


Take advantage of possibly the largest iGaming product base out there, as well as payment integrations offered by BetConstruct to its partners.


Use SpringBME if you require a specific service, by immediately contacting our service professionals, as opposed to spending ages to find what you need. We’ve got the best experts, we give you what you want - all of this even in the preliminary stage!


Enjoy the easy communication with one of the industry-leading companies. Got a question? Ask it. This is the platform where you can find all answers to your iGaming queries.


With SpringBME, the period from making a decision to starting a real operation lasts no longer than 2 weeks. Whereas it might take months to actually start and run an iGaming operation elsewhere. With us, it’s just a 2-week process. Sometimes it even takes less time.


Stay up to date, be in the loop, when it comes to BetConstruct offerings. Never lose even the smallest opportunity to grow your business. Whenever BetConstruct adds a new feature or has an update, you immediately see it in SpringBME, can contact us right away and get it.

  • For instance, if a new payment method has been added to the system, it may appear on your website in just under 20 minutes.

  • Or if new casino providers have been added to the database and they match your business profile, they will quickly appear on your website, as soon as you get in touch with BetConstruct.

  • Be it a new game or a new feature, you can always request it right away, once it becomes available. Then just wait until our team gets back to you. We’ll take care of everything on your behalf, make all connections and set it all up for you.


Through SpringBME, you get access to your financial information, financial reports, payment receipts, any provider-related financial details centralised in one place, so that you can control and manage them all.


By using SpringBME, you also receive access to some of the top retention tools in the industry specifically created for your iGaming business development - BetConstruct’s CRM and Backoffice containing the most detailed database where you can see the details about the slightest changes and whatever happens on your website, so you can manage your users.


As risk management is a very important issue, we at BetConstruct offer it both as a service and a special automated AI-based tool known as Umbrella. Umbrella is an AI-powered risk management solution. Based on mathematical models and predefined settings, Umbrella creates automated player segments on the basis of Game Styles, Financial and Additional Categories. You can request this unrivalled risk management tool via SpringBME.


Apart from having your own website, you can also take advantage of the affiliate and agent systems through SpringBME. With these, you will establish your own affiliate world and be able to attract affiliates that have the potential to provide you with extra income.

The BetConstruct engine is always on and it can work for you too since we really value you as our partner-to-be. So why not go ahead, register an account and start exploring the benefits you can take advantage of?!

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