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BetConstruct is one of the most flexible iGaming software providers worldwide: its offerings suit most users’ needs and requirements. We give our partners exactly what they want. We can offer solutions to any iGaming business issue. And the SpringBME console is where those solutions get delivered through.

Spring BME is a powerful tool that allows you to set up trial versions for your business environment with just a few clicks. Through SpringBME, BetConstruct aims to provide affordable yet comprehensive solutions for all operators, including those with little or zero experience in the gaming industry, to grow their businesses.

Statistically, SpringBME has been attracting enthusiastic, modern, interesting and vision-driven people. It’s those who follow the industry trends, are aware of contemporary technologies, determined to achieve success and make a lot of money. The fact that you might consider joining us speaks for itself. We’d be happy to collaborate with you.

So who is SpringBME specifically for?


Those who intend to start an iGaming operation.

Those who want a ready-made website fully equipped with all the products, operational/management tools and dedicated specialists who’d work with them. With SpringBME, when started from scratch, a business operation takes 2 directions: either a user needs the Web Solutions package or they opt for Data Integrations. Both are easily accessible through SpringBME.

  • With Web Solutions (either Turnkey or White Label), you start your project using our ready-to-use options, and that’s when our entire platform is at your disposal.

  • Whereas with Data Integrations, you integrate our platform into your existing solution via API.


Those who already have an iGaming operation but still look for more: new products, new tools, new business opportunities.

  • Through SpringBME, you can obtain any of BetConstruct products to integrate them into your existing platform. For instance, if you already have a website and only wish to add another betting or gaming element/section to it, say, one of the games we offer, you can receive it from us via SpringBME. Browse through the extensive list of our products, tools and offerings (all accessible through SpringBME), until you make up your mind.

  • On a side note, although that’s very commendable that you search for new business opportunities within your existing website, we as professionals would still assure you that you’d benefit greatly if you used SpringBME to get our complete package.

  • Just consider BetConstruct, in case you’re unhappy about your current software provider or want to switch to better software: that kind of transition is always quick and possible with us.


Those who already have an iGaming operation but still need extra services for it.

SpringBME is suitable for those who are currently not ready to collaborate with BetConstruct but need a specific service within the iGaming industry context. With over a decade of experience, we are always by your side in such matters and can offer you iGaming-related services you require. These are the services we normally offer to our established partners. But the good news is that it’s not necessary to be a partner to request a service from us. BetConstruct professionals will put your business on track by providing a full package of iGaming-focused assistance.

Here’s the list of the available services you can request through your account:

  • Documentation-related services: Legal, Due Diligence, Licensing

  • Operation-related services: Translation and Localisation, Marketing, Design, Risk Management, Dedicated Trading Services

  • Trade shows and logistics

To sum up, all of these opportunities are available through SpringBME and are just a click away. So why not go ahead, register an account and start exploring?!

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