What is SpringBME?

Introducing BetConstruct's iGaming Console

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In the competitive world of the dynamically growing iGaming industry, it is essential to make the right choices in terms of software providers. BetConstruct has been known as one of the world’s leading software providers, with its acclaimed console SpringBME.

SpringBME stands for Spring Business Management Environment. It has been created to facilitate the process of managing your iGaming business. It’s a complete management infrastructure with a rich set of tools, services and technologies. SpringBME is basically a console through which you can create an account and start your gaming business. This is done by enabling a whole spectrum of gaming or betting products and services. You take control of every aspect of your operation through a single dashboard.

Create your trial project. Immediately see how it looks and functions. Get informed about BetConstruct’s offerings that may be suitable for your business. Easily get in touch with the BetConstruct team. Manage your operation as effortlessly as possible.

With SpringBME, the initiation of our collaboration with you is a piece of cake. You register, log in, create a project, test it and launch your operation. The console initially allows you to view what result you’re going to eventually get. Then it turns your vision into reality.

So where do you start? And how do you go about it?

Register and/or Sign in to your account.

Create a Project (see the green button?)

Once you’ve created your project, you’ll be taken to the Dashboard of the SpringBME platform. In here, you'll find separate sections for gaming or betting products, tools and services, as well as industry news and documentation about our APIs.

Let’s take a closer look at the Dashboard.

As you will see, the Dashboard consists of various blocks containing bits of information related to your project. This is basically the overview of your project.

Get promocode.

Generate promotional codes in order to test your newly created website.

Project info.

View general information about your project: Alias, ID, Type and Solution.

Switch to Edit Mode to edit either your project or your website. Editing will be either CMS-based or SpringBuilder-based, depending on which solution you’ve initially selected (See Article "Creating Web-Solutions Projects").

Then, there are blocks with the number of activated or deactivated Products, Providers and requested Services in your account.

Also, a section with the industry latest News and/or BetConstruct Updates.

There is actually a Billing block for you to check your billing information, but it's not visible unless you request it.


Next, check out the Spring BME menu (the left side of the Dashboard).

From here you can navigate to:

  • Project Settings. Configure the Project name, timezone, languages and currencies for your business.

  • Products. Enable or disable any of our products with just one click or request. There’s quite a wide selection: from Sportsbook and Virtual Sports to Poker and Live Casino, to name a few.

  • Payments. This section is activated in the case of the turnkey type of projects only. Select from 200+ payment methods and set it up for your project. The selected method can be activated and deactivated anytime in your Payments section.

  • Tools. Enable or disable tools. Our list includes Affiliate Marketing Software, Agent System Software, CRM, Slot Builder and Umbrella.

  • Services. You can request the following types of services through your account:

  • Developers. Access all the documentation related to development tools, such as Partner API, Swarm-API, Open Source front-end, as well as Data Replication compiling users data that can be replicated on other servers.

  • Invoice. View, export and stay informed about your invoices. Before long, we’re going to add a billing history section as well.

With SpringBME, you’re never alone in your operation. We are well known for our responsiveness and smooth workflow. As a BetConstruct partner, you are entitled to a dedicated account manager, a sales manager and a project manager for your operation, all the way through.

In the challenging iGaming world, SpringBME is aimed to make your business’s existence easier. We know how hard it can be to stay afloat in this industry. But with the SpringBME console from one of the most powerful iGaming software providers, you can have access to everything you need with no bother. So why not come and join us?

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